71 Duster 340 Replica. DONE!!!

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71 Duster 340 Replica. DONE!!!

  • Hey there guys. As most of you know my dad owns a 73 Duster 340. Its an original silver car. We tossed color ideas around forever and finally said, what the heck, do it original. But we wanted to change it up and since its already got white interior, we went towards a white stripe. It was originally black stripe and black interior. So I got the main part down of silverish color with white and the rest is just me being creative guess?
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  • More to come, tell me what you think. Ill have outdoor pics soon.
  •  Looks good Eddie! Cool colour combo, I finally decided on a colour for my '73. It's gonna be black with matte black '71-'72 style 340 stripes. However, the taillight panel stripe will be '73 of course. It'll look sweet. I also painted the Rallyes I got at the car show, they look WAY better!

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  • Eddie That's looking good! You've got a good color combo there,Keep up the good work


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  • I wish my 1:1 Duster looked that good right now. I have a long way to go just to get where yours is at, just check my photobucket. The model looks good too, I'll be watching.

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  • nice start eddie stripes look great.
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  • Thanks guys, I'm moving right on along, i hope this gives us inspiration to work on the real duster. Almost done with chassis, motors getting there and more pics id say tomorrow when its worth getting out the camera. I need to clear and polish again.
  • Im moving right on along Big Smile
  • not a fan of the tires but man the paint looks sweet. what did you do? how many coats of clear n what polishing kit?, it looks great !
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  • sublime it looks good..can't wait to see it done.my uncle had a 73 when i was a kid. it was silver with white interior to.but it had a big white stripe down the side instead of the thin 340 stripe.it also had a straight six in it.i remember he put one header pipe on it. i thought it was funny when i was a kid..i was used to v-8s.anyway great job.Thumbs Up

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  • Thanks guys, sounds nice hill. The front wheel is a bit weird but im sticking with it.
  • Oh and its 2 coats of clear with about 6 min of Mequires Scratch X, good stuff. Brings that shine right on out.

    Nice paint!!  With those rims and tires it reminds me of my brother in laws car.

    My brother In law had a 71 340 but it was rally red with black stripe.  I will attempt replica of that someday.

    Look forward to seeing more of this one.


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  • Good work so far, very nice paint. It's got a nice aggressive look to it, I like it.