Cadillac XLR

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Cadillac XLR

  • I'm trying to build a detailed Cadillac XLR from a resin body I found on Ebay. I'm using an old Corvette kit as the base for the frame and mechanicals. The interior will be from the Revell Cadillac STS.





    The main problem is to make the head and tail lights since they are molded with the body. I cut them out from the and filled them with epoxy to make the main shape. When these are satisfactory, I will make silicone molds and cast clear resin parts of them.The wheel opening are also too large and will be modified. The Corvette engine will be used and a special engine cover is in the process of being constructed. Pics will come soon.



    Signmike, Michel Maheu
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  • Nice project, I will definitely keep an eye on this! Good luck!

  • The resin body is a Jimmy Flintstone.  I picked one up at the Toledo NNL.    I couldn't find a Corvette donor (like Jimmy recommended) that really fit well, so I'm going to make mine into a pro-stock. I'm just going to use decals for the headlights and taillights. 

    You have a good start on your here.  Keep up the good work.

    Thanks, Don

    President - RPM Model Club

  • I to have this body and will take some of the same rout as you on the chassis, but I didn't think to use half the STS tub for the interior. The resin is some what thin and that gives us the ability to use othere tail lights. Good going and Thanks for posting man.

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  • Sweet cadi brother good luck with the lights where on ebay dd you find that body who made it?
  • Here's some interior of the 2004 to 2006 XLR-Vs.

    You just have to look at this car man, it's sweet. 2008 XLR Police:


    Scratch Building the Impossible is my main goal!! My-Album

  •  The XLR-V engine bay or the race version and the stock version.

    This engine is a supercharged engine not NA type.


    Scratch Building the Impossible is my main goal!! My-Album

  • My XLR came from Model Empire of page 64 of there catalog. The body is made by Jimmy Flintstone.

    Scratch Building the Impossible is my main goal!! My-Album

  • I found that body on Ebay, I did not know it was Jimmy Flinstone's, thanks. I am using the seat, door panels, heavily chopped, console, dash and steering from the Revel STS kit. I am not trying to do a 100% exact replica. Thank you for the interior photos they will be helpfull, and I also have this one in my driveway,

    Here are the progress photos

    These are the parts I made to make the silicone mold. They only need a final sanding. After the light are cast  I plan to drill the headlughts detail and paint detail with silver.


    I am also shortening the wheel opening. I think they are too big. I will use wheels from a Cadillac Escalade.


    If you notice I still have to make the fog lamps in the front valance..........gee.....lot of work....



    This is the engine covers I made with styrene sheets. It is from a XLR, not XLR-V. I got this oic from the GM site. Not sure about the car's year on this photo.

    Signmike, Michel Maheu
  • looking good, nice job so far.
  • Hay I'm doing that same thing I made molds so I could make my head and tail light from clear resin., so I could have cleat tail lights. There's only one hang up some time clear resin will turn yellow-ish over time. I guess it's the type you use. any way keep it going your on a roll.

    Scratch Building the Impossible is my main goal!! My-Album

  • I found a 2 parts epoxy that sells in craft store. I remember many years ago wall clocks made of wood covered with clear plastic were very popular in craft shows, and still are, well that is the resin I'll be using using. It should stay transparent for a long time. It should be available at Michaels in the states.

    Signmike, Michel Maheu
  •  Looks pretty ambitious, good luck with this build.  I will be thrilled to watch the progress.