Project 69 Dodge Super Bee "Overhaulin"

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Project 69 Dodge Super Bee "Overhaulin"

  • Well, here's another old project from the same time frame as my 70 GTX kit, the fabulous 90's. As you can see, this car is in pretty rough shape. I had tried to paint it a bright green back then after opening the trunk. Well, the paint turned out crappy and it ended up in CSC and this is the mess that was left behind. :P
    Well, in keeping with my commitment to finish my half started projects, I decided to tackle this one along with the 70 T/A Panther Pink Challenger I have started. 2 more old Mopars to add to the collection. I'm not sure what color this car is going to be yet though. I am tempted to try the new "Green Go" from Testors, but I am also thinking of a bright yellow with the black Bumblebee stripe across the rear quarters.
    Anyways, I'll keep y'all posted as this project moves along. I was able to get the body re-primed after fixing a cracked "A" pillar and a cracked valnce that the front grille sits on. The priming job turned out halfway decent so I'm hopeful the rest of the kit will move along nicely as well. On to the pics...

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  • Good start! I just finished mine Super Bee (in yellow) last week.

    BTW, Forum rules allow ONLY 3 pictures per posting. You may want to fix this before Admin does.

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  • Keep the pics coming it looks great keep us posted

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  • what would Foose do? hmmmm....... you have to get rid of the door handles, so you cant get in, and you have to get rid of the side markers , so nobody can see you from the side at night! just kidding, really. maybe to be different you could use the Challenger T/A scoop and the 340. slam it on the ground with the rims from the '70 Boss 429 kit, the BIG ones and finish the centers in a satin grey color. you need some modern racing/tuner style seats in there too! paint it the dark grey metallic from the Testors lacquer line and put the black stripe around the back. oh, wait a minute , it's your build , do what you want with it!
  • Nice job on the trunk hope to see more of how your going to make it functional, Im having a hard time on my 1971 charger im doing on this site plus the doors are even harder. Keep up the good work.
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  • I appreciate the ideas and tips for this build. I'm kinda torn between a factory resto or a Foose style street machine. With the body lines on this car I'm not sure I could do much in the way of Foose style modding to get it to look decent. The side vents on the doors and so forth really hamper what one can do and still make the car look as menacing as it does in stock form. I do like the idea of the grey metallic and I just picked a can of that up too. I am a factory stock Mopar freak though and I have yet to do one in the "Go Green" or Banana Yellow. Hmmmmm...decisions, decisions....

  • why not do a HAMMER inspired car. the one from RIDES, built by Pure Vision.

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  • Looking good!!!!! Keep us posted, I can't wait to see more!!!
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  • All I can say is, I should have stuck with the Go Mango Orange. The yellow I found was way too green for this car to be an accurate factory stock replica. The paint went on great, it's just the wrong shade.
    So now I have to decide if I'm going to keep it this color yellow or start over and try to get a more accurate shade of color.
    I also got the rest of the parts painted tonight, at least for the most part. Detail painting will begin tomorrow as well as detailing the engine and so forth.
    Let me know what y'all think of the color...I'm still undecided on what to do regarding this mess....