"Panther Pink" Cuda

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"Panther Pink" Cuda

  • Here's a coupla pics. of my ,Yea,Yea it's pink Laugh HEMI 'Cuda, but I bet ya don't see to many of Em!! Wink...B

    my pics http://photobucket.com/albums/a177/bsoder/
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  • Great looking Cuda . The pink looks good.
  • Looks good and your right you dont see many Cudas painted Panther Pink, looks great
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  • I'd really like to see picks of that in some natural light. I don't think your spot light is doing your paint jobs justice. Also perhaps a halogen bulb? They seem to give off a better light.

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  • Panther Pink Cuda's and Challengers look just plain AWESOME!!! Nice work!
  • That pink looks pretty hot. And with that Hemi it would have the guts to back it up. Nice build.
  • i have a cuda painted two-tone
    silver and burgandy
  • Well built Cuda bsoder. The Hot Pink really turned out good.
  • Looks great bsoder. I have to get some more Cuda's, I sold all my Mopar stuff on ebay. Monogram has the best Mopar kits.
  • Sometimes going off the beaten path is what makes a kit a better one. You did a great job. Eight Ball
  • Excellent 'Cuda!

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  • Beautiful Job!!! Panther Pink ROCKS!!!!
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  • Yes,beatyfull work.Congrads.
  • AWSOM!!!!!!!!!! when it comes to Cuda's.......one of my neighbors has a 1:1.....think PINK!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nice cuda and very "attractive" color too...LOL