70 hemi Challenger convertible panther pink

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70 hemi Challenger convertible panther pink

  • It´s the AMT kit, with wheels and hood from the Vanishing Point AMT Challenger, the hemi and transmission from a 70 superbee prostreet and the rear wing from the 70 Duster, testor´s paint and automotive clearcoat, and decals are Keith Marks.
    Thanks Nick for your pantherpink site, has inspired me with nice pics of panther pink mopars.

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  • Nice subject! The paint is really nice, too! How rare were the actual Panther Pink hemi convertibles? Very nice build.
  • That is one nice Mopar!
    Spraybombers have it covered.
  • Very very nice , if I didn`t know any better I`d think it came that way from the box ! The hood pin wire is a great touch .
  • Awesome! Please excuse me now while I wipe the drool off my keyboard!
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  • nice build I have the vanishing point kit but the front end peice got screwed up so I need to repair it I painted it go mango.
  • *sits there for a second* ooo i like it.... i want one =)
  • WOW! About one more coat and that rascal would have been pink! Nice job.

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  • I like it! Thumbs Up
    Very nice job and a great idea.

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  • Great job!

    How does that Hemi engine from the prostreet kit look? Pretty accurate for a street car?
  • Fine lookin' automobile you got there Homer, real sharp. You did a great job.
  • Thanks for the comments, guys. I remember I read sometime ago there were only 8 hemi Challengers built (I don´t remember if they were 70 or 71s), and at least one was exactly like mine, except it was a 440 six pack (displayed at 70 Chicago auto show). Regarding the hemi prostreet, it can be built as dual cam hemi or a street hemi; mine is the stock street version (have yet to add the coil and some parts and decals), and to me it seems pretty accurate. I like the Revell hemi engine (Chargers aand Plymouth GTX). I´m not sure which one is more period correct. For my modest goals, they´re good enough. Maybe some fellas could bring more info on this?
  • Very nice Challenger. I have also seen pics of that Panther Pink 6pk conv. I was suprised that the RT stripe was even availible in a contrasting pink. I see you have those stripes on your car as well. So is it for sale???

    There was only 8 or 9 70 Hemi challenger convt made. One is here in the Phoenix area. I have seen it it is a plum crazy 4sp car and is in nice original shape. The hemi was only availible in the RT and for 71 the RT was not availible in the conv. So no 71 RT converts were made.

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  • wow...i'm at a loss for words, that is simply amazing! I've seen the 440 six pack convertible from the Chicago show that looks exactly like yours..it was at All Carlisle Nationals in 2003. It's also featured on pantherpink.com Awesome build of a great car!
  • Always liked that color combination. Looks great!