Revell 1969 Mustang Cobra Jet

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Revell 1969 Mustang Cobra Jet

  • Next up - the Mustang Cobra Jet !



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  • wow, nice color, what is it.?? Sharp...Slusher


  • A very nice shine on your paint job and yes what color??

    (I Love It When A Plan Comes Together) Hannibal Smith.

  • Love that color, great paint job

  • Thanks Guys - it's a tamiya spray - Bright Red I think they call it - I can check the TS- # tonight if you want


  • Excellent color!!


    On the bench MPC Maverick Gasser Street Machine Warhorse and Revell 'cuda 1971


  • Small update.  Checked the colour - Tamiya TS-49 Bright red - Yes it is bright!

    Gave it a light polish up with some Meguirs Tech Wax that I use on my real car - came up a treat.

    Also masked up and did the black painting on the bonnet.

    Over the weekend I ordered a heap of different detailing bits, wired distributors, braided lines, fittings - but me bieing in Oz they will take a minimum 2 weeks to get to me assuming seller posts promptly.  Scary fact: In the past month I have bought 7 kits, lots of detailing bits and spray paints, and a Scale Auto subscription - I'm up over $500 !! Scary cost getting back into the hobby - and I already had an impressive paint/brush/tool collection!




  • I don't like being held back so last night, rather than wait for my wired distributors to arrive, I cut the wired distributor off a PTX 302 engine model - wired that up to the Cobra Jet motor.

    Also scratch built a coil from sprue and did some vacuum tubing from thing in front of distributor to carby.

    I should really research my parts names and hose/cable layouts.

  • Thats called the vacuum advance for the points.The body still looks fantastic and can hardly wait for more pictures................................

    (I Love It When A Plan Comes Together) Hannibal Smith.

  • G'day Rik and goodonya.  Looks to me as if this will be as nice as the '70 Boss.  Cheers


  • Just saw this exact same model at the Ben Franklin store downtown today. Price for it was a little high at 20 bucks.

    There was even a 1970s Trans Am car the same one from the Smokey and the Bandit movies.


    Wish I could win the lottery so I can buy the good models like a freakin 1970s Trans Am and even a freakin Hemi Cuda car model

  • Kits retail here in Australia anywhere from $35 to $50

    So I'm getting mine from the US off ebay  Smile

  • OK - progressed a bit further last night - lots of pics here

    My internet connection is crap - struggling to link any more but you can see them in the album link above










  • Very nice detail. very nice progress..Slusher