1/12 `65 Shelby Mustang GT-350

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1/12 `65 Shelby Mustang GT-350

  • This was build from the old Road and Track kit from the early 80`s. It is a *very* difficult kit if you are trying to get the body lines accurate. I don`t plan on ever building another unless the body is seriously updated. Many modifications were made to get this thing presentable. Not sure if you can tell, but this build was not a very pleasant experience. Big Smile







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  • Looks really nice

  • Thanks.

    Btw, because of the age of the kit, the decals completed disintegrated in water. That is why there are no GT-350 markings on the side.

  • I think it came out great! Paint looks amazing as well - I'm going to track one of these down to build! You gave fair warning - but the outcome looks like it was worth the trouble!!!

  • What did you do for the dash.  As I recall there is NO molded in detail for the guages and no decal = just a large blank chrome piece,

  • You are exactly right! Nothing molded in for the radio, dials, or speedometer. I had to freehand everything, This kit really feels like it was meant to be a cheap die cast. So many details that are lacking. Here is my attempt:


    To contrast this, I am working on the new 2010 1/12 GT500 Mustang kit out from Revell. Compared to the `65, I am almost convinced that if I shook the box to the 2010 kit, it would eventually assemble itself. It is a pleasure to build that after this one.

  • ...........Looks like it was worth the struggle !!!

    Nice Job !!   engine bay looks 1:1

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  • Well it may have been a pita to build but it turned out great. I'm waiting to see your GT 500 after seeing your work on this GT 350.

  • Very nice job on the dash.  I only got as far as primering the body on mine.  I have the yellow fastback also which the GT350 kit was based.  Someone I will build them but it sounds like I better be patient when I do get to that point.Sad