workshop dioramas 1-18th scale

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workshop dioramas 1-18th scale

  • Hi new to this forum also to computers, been building workshop dios for about 12 years, some of my work been in aussie diecast mag , yes i know some of you hate diecast. but i sit on the fence, my interest is making the tools & equipment as real as possible. I still enjoy building a bike kit from tamiya every now and again. hope to work out how to post a few photos of Maserati race workshop late 1950s. cheers PK.

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  • We don't hate them! We all probably have a few! It's just that the work is already done, like buying a built kit! I know what you're saying, you make your own changes to them, some people take a torch to them and start making a junker! We really appreciate good work and if you have die-cast you've made a new creation of, we'd love to see it!

      Welcome to our forum!!Smile,Wink, & Grin

    Seriously, do not take me serious!
  • Thanks hawkr777  as soon as i figure out how to post photos onto forum will send them. Im used to sending photos by snail mail, Built over 40 workshop dios sold some still have around 28. Alot of Aussie V8 super car pit garages & workshops, The Maserati workshop took 2 years to build , using CMC 250 Fs racers , 1 stripped and scratch built radiator etc, also CMC Birdcage , Alot of my work has featured in car magazines here in Australia. CHEERS PK.