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Thank you for the add - Where do I begin???

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    December 2019
Thank you for the add - Where do I begin???
Posted by RatherBeRiding on Sunday, December 1, 2019 11:04 AM


First off, thank you for welcoming me into your forum. I have been a collector of some type most of my life, but have dabbled mostly in old bicycles and pinball machines... ... so I know well the value and wealth of information that can be found in collector's and hobbiest forum such as this. 


Let there be no doubt that I am a complete newbie and novice when it comes to the Modeling hobby, so I am making my first post in hopes that some of you might take pitty on an aimless fool and help point me in the right direction.


My father-in-law has been an avid modeler his entire life and has amassed a collection of vintage models that my wife and I have been tasked with selling. Due to age and health, my in-laws have had to move and down-size and just do not have the space to hold this collection any longer. 


We have 100+ vintage models to sell... see below photo. Most appear to be complete and many still have the factory shrink-wrap around the box. Many that don't have the shrink-wrap seem to have sealed bags of parts inside the boxes, so I am assumming them to be complete. 


While it seems most of the kits are complete, there are probably 20 or so which I believe to have some pieces missing. It's hard for a novice like me to really know. A few of the boxes have post-it notes affixed saying that the kit is a 'partial', or 'missing frame', or 'missing wheels and tires', or something to that effect. I'm guessing my father-in-law scavanged parts from a few of these for some of the trucks he custom built over the years. Do these 'partial kits have value? I assume that there are collectors who might like to have the bits and pieces and an in-tact box, but I'm guessing the monetary value may not be that much??


Of course, the complete and factory sealed kits will have the most appeal. Where does one go to sell these? Is Ebay the best bet? Are there a lot of active buyers? How do we price... are there reliable and current price guides availabke?


If we go the Ebay route, how do we know for sure a kit is 100% complete? It's obvious if the box is still shrink-wrapped. But boxes that do not have the seal are hard for a novice to look at and know for certain the kit is 100% complete. We want to be as accurate and honest as possible with our descriptions.

My wife and I will be cataloging what we have and will be taking more detailed photos. We appreciate any and all help you are willing to offer.

Thank you,  " alt="" />

Bob S


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Posted by Bainford on Monday, December 2, 2019 11:13 AM

Hello Bob, and welcome to the forum.

I think there are two options that are viable for you; selling on ebay, or selling as a lot to an outfit that will in turn sell them on the enthusiast market. Selling as a single lot is by far the easiest way, but at significantly reduced profit. Selling individually on ebay will get you your best money, but can be a lot of work, and potentially daunting if you are not an experienced ebay seller (and I am not, so any advice here should be taken with a grain of salt).

Regarding the completeness of the kits, if they are factory sealed you can consider them complete (not true if you are buying, though, as some unscrupulous sellers fake this). For those with the cellophane removed but the plastic bags still sealed, you can be reasonable sure the main plastic parts are there. In old kits, some items were not packaged in plastic bags, such as tires, clear parts, red tail lights, etc. For those kits, the instruction sheet in the kit may provide clues, such as indicating how many tires came in the kit (some had optional choices). Also, check the decal sheets to see if they are in good condition, free of water or moisture damage, free of bends or wrinkles, etc.

For kits with known missing parts, they can still have value. It depends on the desireability of the kit, of course, and what parts are missing. Again, the instruction sheet can help inventory the kit, but to a non-builder it may all be a bit confusing. And perhaps not so worth while if the kits value is low to begin with. If you know what is missing, state it in the ad and let the auction determine the value.

As for valueing the kits, that can be tough. There is a model kit value guide that gets updated ocassionally, though tends to cover primarily American produced kits. In many cases, putting the kit up for auction with a reasonable starting price and letting the auction determine the value is the easiest way forward. In most cases this will get you decent value. I found this value guide online just now but haven't checked it out yet. There is also this guide though I haven't seen it in person so can't comment on its actual usefulness to you.

I couldn't tell much from the photos you posted, except that it seems he was into trucks. Posting several clear photos will help, especially in identifying any kits that may be of particular value. Most kits will not be huge money makers, despite their age. Many have been reissued several times over the years and are therefore not hard to find inexpensively. However, there is the odd car kit that can be worth $100 up to $400, and sometimes beyond if it is sought after and out of production for decades, but these are not common.

I'm not a highly experienced kit seller, so most of the info and advice I posted here is quite superficial. Someone with more experience may chime in with better info.

Good luck, and if you are able, post up some clearer photos.

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    December 2019
Posted by RatherBeRiding on Monday, December 2, 2019 12:03 PM

Thank you for the very detailed response, this is extremeley helpfull. We will definately check out the sites you recommend for price guides... it will at least give us some direction.

I share your aprehension about listing on eBay. I have bought and sold a fair amount there and know how time consuming that can be.

We're going to spend some time cataloging what we have, take a bunch of pictures of the boxes and contents and do our best to figure out which kits are complete and which might have pieces missing. It's a little daunting to think about, but we'll get through it.

I'm sure there will be a few intersting finds and maybe a few supreises as we go through this collection. Will post back from time to time with updates and if we find anything that might be of interest.

Thank you,

Bob S




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