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Delurk, and a little background

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    April 2019
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Delurk, and a little background
Posted by Rockgarden on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 1:23 AM

Hi all ... Although I've only just moments ago created an identity
for myself on the forum, I've been reading ("lurking") for a good
many years.  Probably as far back as 2013, in fact.

I started building model cars and trucks way back around 1980,
and after only a few years I found other interests: girls, guitars,
gas-guzzlers, and maybe a little gin!  Geez!

Then around 1991 I picked it up again, and again built only a few
kits over a few years.  This time, thanks to having more resources
(for example for better selection of paint) and simply having more
patience and focus, the kits I built came out much better than those
I built as a youngster.  Not to mention that the point of building
them was no longer to try to "play" with them, but rather to try to
build reasonably nice replicas of real cars.  Point of pride of those
built during this phase is a 1:25 Joe Amato dragster.  It won't win
any shows, but it really stands out as one I can be proud of.

I never intentionally got away from modelling, but as can happen,
time passes and you realize you haven't been building anything,
yet somehow you're either too busy or too tired.  I still had a
few kits stashed, and a few years ago decided to build one up that
I'd cherished and had been wanting to build for some time: a Davey
Allison Thunderbird, circa 1991/1992.  A disaster happened with the
hood decal, but otherwise I'm reasonably happy with this one too.
But the decal mishap really was unfortunate.  So I have another copy
of this kit in my stash.

I've been slowly building up a small stash of kits I'm eager to build,
but of course I still have to pay bills (and frankly pay for the kits,
and paint, ...)  I have most recently been working on a 1957 BelAir;
a duplicate of one I had built up as a gift for someone in 1993.
I'm mostly happy with it too, though I know all of its blemishes.
Still, it's a reasonable replica of the one I gifted, with a few
improvements to technique and detail.

My goal, really, is to have each build be better, at least in some way
than any I've built before.  Obviously, as time goes on, that *should*
get progressively harder to accomplish, but it's what I'm aiming for.

I make a point to build kits with no aftermarket parts.  It's not that
I have anything against using such parts, but rather than I want to
get to a point where I feel that I can't possibly do a better build
*without* aftermarket parts before I consider using them.  At that
point, I'll just know which parts will be the right ones to enhance
my builds, and they will, in fact, enhance.  I *have* scratchbuilt
some inconspicuous parts (for example an oil filter from sprue), and
there are some kits where I specifically intend to use parts left over
from other kits, so I won't be able to claim those are "box stock"
(if the sprue used for the oil filter came from the same box as the
kit, is that still box-stock?), and I've experimented with flocking,
which I do intend to use, but for the most part I want to get really
as good as I can possibly get with just kit parts before jumping into
replacing parts or adding photoetch and so forth.

All of this said, I've seen photos (mostly on this forum and in the
magazine) of some extremely nicely done builds, sometimes including
aftermarket parts.  The best of those, you tend to forget that it's
even a model, and that's because of the builder's skill, not the
aftermarket parts.

In any case, I decided to delurk a short while ago because there are
some recurring topics that I'd like to contribute to, and that will
come.  For now, I wanted to make my introductory post.  Time now for
sleep as I have to work in the morning.  A wonderful evening to all ...

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    December 2003
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Posted by Bainford on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 4:38 PM

Hello Mr Rockgarden and welcome to the forum. It’s a good place to improve those modelling skills. Years ago there was a member who had a signature line that read “Each model I build is practice for the next one”. Personally I think it is quite an appropriate statement. Good luck, and please join in as you wish. Enjoy the forum. 

"It would be unusual, if the unusual didn't occur."

- Steamboat Gariepy



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