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I Got an Itch

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    March 2019
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I Got an Itch
Posted by HUMMER931 on Monday, April 1, 2019 9:25 AM

Hello all,

I am an active and life-long model railroader (  But like so many on this forum I also built model cars in my youth.  I spent a 40 year career designing cars for General Motors and while I was designing cars for a living, I stopped building 'little ones'.  I retired from GM about 15 years ago (now age 71) and focused on model railroading. 

Then, like some others on this forum, about 2 months ago I got an itch to build a model car.  I still have about 8 of my earlier best efforts which have been displayed on shelves for all these years and still enjoy every one.  In digging through some old family photos I found pictures of my very first car...a dark green 1953 Chevy 2dr sedan which I bought for $100.  So, always a fan of gassers, I bought and built the Revell '53 Chevy gasser as I would have built my car in highschool...had I had the money!  Great fun! 

I have now been totally drawn back into the process and have started models of a '68 Firebird (a '68 Firebird 350-4spd was first new car I owned) and a Jungle Jim Vega funny car which I want to paint to match the silver '72 Vega with 'skunk stipes' that I owned.  And I've started a list of several other 'cars of my youth' which I would like to build models of, all modified in some way as they 'might have been'.  I enjoy a beautifully built stock kit but the creative process of making a model unique is what I enjoy.

I see from the reading I've done getting caught up on the hobby that Revell nearly went out of business and that most guys are building kits that are long out of production.  I also see that there is concern about young people not getting into the modeling hobby.  These are the same concerns that model railroaders have.  The 'youngin's' are into the instant gratification of the digital age.  I tried to introduce my young grandsons into building models and they didn't understand the concept of waiting for glue and paint to dry!

I'm dissapointed that there is no easy way to post photos on this forum.  I see from my reading that it can be done but with difficulty.  I may post some images of my models on my model railroad website but would love to be able to see more of what you all are doing.  Sharing information through photos of projects under construction can be very useful but only if it's easy to do.  Has anyone contacted Kalmbach about this issue?

I look forward to getting involved on this forum!

Brooks Stover


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    March 2019
Posted by DDD on Tuesday, April 2, 2019 9:45 PM

Welcome Brooks, I'm new to modeling myself and look forward for your input especially an expert on GM products like color and part info. Enjoy!

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    January 2005
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Posted by aussiemuscle308 on Thursday, April 4, 2019 4:35 AM
Welcome to the asylum. to post pictures, i host them on flickr and use their built in script to copy and paste here. pretty easy, and since their app automatically uploads any files i put into my 'upload to web' folder, i don't need to do much else.

My Flickr:


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