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New old guy

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    March, 2019
New old guy
Posted by The Techninja on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 3:25 PM

I guess I'm sorta a new guy again ...been years since I've been on a forum still gonna need a photobucket to post pics? How does that work now ....inhavent used a photobucket in as long as I've been off the forums 

Rick Schmidt 

The Techninja 

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    December, 2003
  • From: Nova Scotia
Posted by Bainford on Wednesday, March 13, 2019 12:20 PM

Hello Rick, and welcome to the forum. You will still need a photo hosting site, such as photobucket, to post photos on this forum. Hopefully this site will someday be updated to eliminate this now antiquated requirement, but for now it's the only way to go.

Most members of this site used photobucket, myself included, as it was free and the easiest from which to post photos. A couple years ago photobucket closed all of its free accounts and held the photos hostage, so everyone left photobucket like rats fleeing a sinking ship and went elsewhere (imgur, imageshack, flickr, fotki, etc). Some of these sites have free accounts and some do not. I tried three of them, including two paid accounts and still haven't found one I am happy with.

The method of posting from a host site varies with the site. Basically, once you upload a photo to one of these sites, you need to find the IMG code for the photo (sometimes you have to open the photo to find the code, sometimes right click on the photo or the thumb nail, or sometimes...). Copy that code, then past it into the body of the text of your post on this forum. Clear as mud.

There are further hints for photo posting at the 'Community Assistance' part of the forum, near the bottom of the main forum page. Still more help may be available by doing a forum search for photo posting, as it has been discussed very many times on this site. Feel free to ask specific questions, too. 'Builder's Corner' would be a good place to do that.

Enjoy the forum

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