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Finish Line Feb 2019 by Robby Degraff

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Finish Line Feb 2019 by Robby Degraff
Posted by Ink staines on Friday, January 18, 2019 2:53 PM

Here Here Robby,

It is not just the "millenenials" I am 60 years old and see some really cool new modern cars over the more recent motoring times!  These styles and sleek machines need more than a Diecast. Also its a Son-in-Law and two Grandsons (what group-tribe-gene will they be named).  One Grandson is six year old Jake and The other Billy's only 5 mths.

People now around me in my life are trying to find ways to distract humans - Adults, Teenagers and Children aways from the mobile device brain focused view - oneway is into modelling. 

I have help Jake build 4 models already and his Dad is now doing a kit with him and has a couple on the go himslef.

Yeah Your articale was spot on we need more easy quicker builds that come up really great so your happy as about the result! 

I see the young people are into these Japenese movie models of fighters and those kits are amazing in quality and ease to 'snap' together and still enhance if you want to.

Ant way I had just finished reading this articale and all excite now for the future of car modelling and other futuristic type 'jetson' personnal transport machines that I still yet may see in my lifetime!!  Thank oodnes for drone technology.

Now who has the money? what companies? will take the leap and start designing what this future boost will be for the model 'car' kits are to be for 2019-20 era.

Also who knows and is a good judge of what will sell and encourage more production down the line?  !!!!! 

I am from Australia and it is not just Hodlens and Fords here anymore it is sleek cruisers, fast fours are starting to wane a bit, but it is retro and more like just cool induvidualism these days!

Cheers from Dave All Come on down under it is really a great safe place




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