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Naval-Turned-Car Modeller

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    May 2018
Naval-Turned-Car Modeller
Posted by TheToyMaker on Sunday, May 6, 2018 4:21 PM

      Hello, everyone, new guy here. I am new to car modelling, previously being a naval and maritime modeller. I have loved cars since I was a tiny kid, crawling around the floor pulling around my toy cars, annoying the heck out of my family, but building a model carrier for a local competition turned me away from cars, and into ships. Recently, however, I have relit my interest and love for miniature cars, and am looking to enter this hobby again. My hobby experiences include a scratchbuilt miniature (1:384 scale) RMS Lusitania that I gave to a friend, a USS Intrepid carrier built atop a Fleetscale 1:96 hull, and a scratchbuilt 1:100 USS Fletcher destroyer. I love kit models, but my true love in the world of scale modelling is scratchbuilding, and that can be reflected in my profile picture, a shot of Henri Baigent working on his legendary, scratchbuilt Ferrari 250 GT that he built for Lord Portman. I am posting here to ask two things: Is it viable to build a model car from scratch, and are there any build logs or threads, and two, are there any high-quality metal or plastic model car kits. (Preferably Metal kits because I simply adore metal models I see.) Thank you, everyone.

It's Just Toy Cars

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    August 2016
Posted by mini man on Sunday, May 6, 2018 5:01 PM

Hi,if you are after metal kits there is Pocher  pronounced poker! just do a ggle search for them,be warned though they aint cheap !!




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    September 2017
Posted by Big Gary on Monday, May 7, 2018 10:29 PM

I doubt most of us would claim the talent to build a car from scratch, but there are no doubt transferable skills.  You may want to source things like wheels and tires and work in scales where they are available in resin , just to save time. 





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    October 2008
Posted by oldcarguy on Monday, May 14, 2018 11:03 AM

though .i ;

 I have done scratch -built model Cars . It isn't easy , but it can be fun . I did a 1/6 scale Pontiac 455 H.O. Firebird for a law Client . Brass body panels and all that .

 Frame of brass tubing Wheels cast in Steel colored resin etc .Glove leather for seats and large scale ( Stand-off ) scale instruments .

 Except for Pocher and possibly De-Agostino I know of no one else doing any Such  form . If You get a Motors Book ( a Repair manual ) You should be able to do the car of your choice . Foreign cars would be limited as their body Books and such aren't cheap !

 Even at that some of those would be unavailable at any price .You have to pick your type and find a real one . Photograph the daylights out of it , then get your materials together and " Git Er Done ." 

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Posted by DRUMS01 on Saturday, May 19, 2018 12:37 AM


I am new to this forum as well. I see that you have already been given some direction regarding metal kits. I would like to add some more options, such as:

1/43 there are many metal kits out there mostly of race cars, just check on-line.

1/24 Testors made several multi-media kits with metal bodies, most were street rods.

1/20 Revival (out of Italy) also produced several F1 classics from 1930-1960. 

1/18 Several manufacturers have released some toy-like die-cast in kit form, such as Bburago, Maisto, Moto Max, Ertl, and others. With your scratch building skills, you could perhaps turn them into something special.

1/12 Protar at one time made metal body F1 kits but I am not sure how easy they are to get. Finding one will not be easy or getting it for under $200.00 USD.

Then there are the Pocher and Agostini kits which are the standard which all others are compared. They will normally set you back hundreds to even thousands, and then you have to find a place to display a 1/8 vehicle when they are done. 

In my experience, prices range from under $20.00 USD form some 1/43 to well over $100.00 USD for the Revival kits. I have tried to reflect the prices for the other scales already.

Which ever scale or kit you choose, good luck and please share your progress with us....


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