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And another new guy joins the AAA! (Authentic Automobile Addicts)

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    February, 2017
And another new guy joins the AAA! (Authentic Automobile Addicts)
Posted by Jacarco on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 10:20 PM

Greetings from a fellow model and promo addict!

 I'm Jay and from metro Ft.Wayne, In.  When I was small, I always got model cars for Christmas, my birthday, when we went on trips, etc.  I was born in 1950 and still remember most if not all of the models I received way back then.  The PMC 1951/1952 Plymouth station wagon, the 'AMT '53 Ford, '53 Studebaker.. the AMT Henry J.. and the list goes on and on.


Then as a teen, the days of customizing, my original collection vanished in way of breakage, customizing, parting out and then by the time I went into the military, my complete collection had vanished. Many years later and after compiling the list over and over of all the models that I WISHED I still had, along comes this new thing called e-Bay!

Ten years ago, I started replacing those cars of so long ago and have maybe recreated 95% my original collection, now have well over 400 1/25th scale cars, most of which being of the promotional and friction variations, but now going back to authentic 1949 releases. I am able to talk with confidence about collectable model cars as if I don't have it now, I probably have had at some point, including 1/24th scale Danbury and Franklin mints which I sold off to make way for the promos that I am now heavily embedded in.

But hark!  Something has recently come up that I don't have an answer for and is driving me crazy!  In my original collection and when I was seven, I was given a bright red AMT/SMP '57 Chevrolet BelAir coupe with a cream roof which was the deluxe edition with the white and gold interior.  Maybe close to ten years ago, I found a "close" match on eBay but had the darkened windows and no interior so I bought it as a filler.


Recently, the car came up that I really wanted and I bought it with a "are you kidding me" max bid so as to not lose it.  So I now have the two red and white BelAirs here to compare.  The deluxe edtion is a black framed friction and has S.M.P. Mt Clemons, Mi stamped in it. The other car has the same frame and friction, but nothing engraved. The tires are different, having different tread designs and the non interiored car has AMT marked on the sidewalls. Now we get to the speculation  part~

The non interiored car also has holes drilled on both fender tops, the A pillars and one hole drilled in the rear cowl for an antenna. It apprears as though they were drilled from the underside of the car, perfectly placed and perfectly identical on both sides.  Could this have been an early AMT assembly kit and had a tree of the accessories to be added? Both cars have the finned variety of wheels instead of the authentic '57 Chevrolet caps as some of the releases did. So maybe the car that I am planning on disposing of is actually rarer than the one that I've replaced it with! (?)


Any help on sorting this out will be greatly appreciated.  Also, any time that you'd like to talk model cars, give me a shout.  You're speaking my language!! Also if there are any questions that I can try to help answer for you, I sure will try.

Good to be here~





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