GMC Motorhome - plastic, resin or diecast in 1:25 - 1:24- scale?

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GMC Motorhome - plastic, resin or diecast in 1:25 - 1:24- scale?

  •  Is there a Motorhome diecast or plastic / resin kit ?

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  •  The closest you'll find is a toy commonly referred to as the "HESS Training Van."  The outer skin is almost in scale (it's a bit short in length and the tail lights are wrong), but the inside and chassis have to be scratch built if you're looking to convert one to a motor home.  Try searching eBay...the prices have come down quite a bit lately.

  •  That training van looks to be close enough, thanks!

    About your link: That particular seller doesn´t offer international shipping so I have to continue searching.

    At least now I know what to search!

  •  No problem!  I didn't post that link intending for you to bid; it was just so you could see the photos.  There are a lot of Hess vans on ebay; you shouldn't have trouble getting one.

     There is another member here, Repstock (aka Tom Ellifritt), that did an awesome conversion of one of those Hess vans into a GMC motorhome.  He even robbed a Toronado of it's drivetrain to get the proper engine and front wheel drive!  You should check it out; he's got some great in-progress photos:!cpZZ1QQtppZZ20

    After seeing Tom's GMC, I bought a Hess van, a Chevy van for the tail lights, and two Ford F-350 duallie's for the wheels and tires.  I'm planning a similar build, but mine will be incorrect in that it will have rear wheel drive and the duallie wheels and tires in the back.

  •  Great conversion indeed! Those bogies looked fine, wonder if Repstock has a mold of them...

    Thanks for the link!:

  •  Bought one little bit damaged Hess Van from ebay, waiting it to arrive. Body is ok, mostly it suffers from worn chrome plating and some battery acid stains. Already have F-350 wheels that I can duplicate in resin.

  • And here I thought I was being a smarty by doing a motorhome! Fiddlesticks! Well, mine is going to be a representation of the TRAVEL SUPREME with two slidouts and fully detailed engine,interior and basement storage. It has taken more time than I thought. It took at least two years to find a DETROIT diesel out of a truck kit I could use for the powerplant.The slides are going to be easy to make in that I was able to copy the slide gear from my forty foot fifth wheel toybox! The ALL AMERICAN SPORT by FOREST RIVER was the biggest of it,s type when we bought it. A SMART car fit in the garage! Please don,t laugh about the smart car. I bought it in INDIANA because I wouldn,t pay $6,200.00 for a golf cart that did let you get wet in the rain!! When I get done I will try to post the build pictures okay? That HESS motorhome is not showing up here in TEXAS but everything else HESS has appeared. I am going to ask my sources if they can find me one, why? my first motorhome was a G.M.C. motorhome (Ibought it used ,but, the salesman told me it was the biggest one of the type at 38 feet overall.) I don,t know if that was true but it sure seemed big. I would love to have a model of that puppy.    oldcarguy