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Masking with "poster tack" - August 2010 Issue

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Masking with "poster tack" - August 2010 Issue
Posted by zenrat on Tuesday, July 13, 2010 5:08 PM

Just got my copy of the August issue (the tramp steamer must have had engine problems again) and have to comment on the answer to the question about fish-eyes when masking with silly putty.

Despite what is written, yes you can use poster tack to mask with.  I've used it and had no problems whatsoever.
I used "Blu Tack" and despite my fears (well we've all seen the marks it can leave on painted walls) i've had no fish eyes or other issues that might be caused by residue.  It is probably stickier than silly putty (don't know - not tried silly putty) but in my mind that would be an advantage as it's less likely to shift accidentally and will stay will not suffer so much from "pull back" when you are tooling it out right to the edge of an area you want to mask.
The stickiness does mean that it can leave bits behind in crevices when you remove it but because it sticks to itself so well you can pull these bits out by rolling some fresh tack into a pointy cylinder and poking it down the hole to pick up what was left behind.

I appreciate the comments about "don't trust forum answers from those who haven't tried it" but I have tried it and it (blu Tack brand anyway) works for me.



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Posted by amator on Tuesday, July 13, 2010 5:59 PM

Hi Paul here I use Blu tak also it is great on heads when painting all I do is roll it out a lump over the head and then I  press the Rocker Cover on top to seat it where it would sit I then I pull off the Rocker Cover it leaving an imprint behind with a new blade in my Knife I cut the excess off following the outside edge of the imprint holding the Blu Tak down so it doesn't pull after this is done I spray the motor let it dry pull off the blu tak glue on my chosen rocker cover straight away no need to scrape paint and because I cut off excess following my imprinted guide line I have no exposed plastic visiable at all!! Works every time which is great for this newbee,I also use it for diff locating diffs,front suspension I got the idea from seeing Bob Downie using silly putty as a masker(Thanks Bob) we can't get silly putty here so Blu Tak was the next logical step.

It Does work

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Posted by mrmike on Tuesday, October 23, 2018 7:32 AM


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