1972 Plymouth Duster California Flash Butch Leal

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1972 Plymouth Duster California Flash Butch Leal

  • I bought a small collection today from a friend. He brought me 12 models that were in plastic bags and said give me 5.00 per kit. I agreed and paid the man. After an hour of BSing he left and I actually opened the bags. I looked and I shook my head and had to take a second look. Here in the bottom of a grocery bag burried under two corvettes (1962 and 1965) is a Pro Stock Series Butch Leal's California Flash 1972 Plymouth Duster. The box looked really good and I opened it to find a near mint mostly untouched kit. My saliva glands are kicking in at this point and I am wiping the slobber from my lower lip and off of my shirt. I see that the decals and the instructions are also in Mint condition completely untouched and useable. I had to share this with my fellow styrene addicts. Here is a picture of it. Thanks for looking! Brian


    I do it for the love of the cars.Captain

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  • i have only seen one of those on ebay. looks like you hit the jackpot. what is the kit really worth?


  • I realy don't know I have only seen the kit about three times in all of my years.

    I do it for the love of the cars.Captain

  • A great kit, you got lucky for sure. By the way, a Duster is a Plymouth. Dodge's version was called a demon.

  • Checked ebay and you can buy a mint in the box kit of this model for a measly $200.00  You got the deal of the day here.

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  • That kit brings back some memories! Always wondered why it was never re-released. I'm sure there's a reason.

  • Woohoo! That's the score of the year. Some days the gods smile upon you. Thumbs Up

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