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1974 AMC Hornet Hatchback Coupe from model roundup

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    May, 2008
1974 AMC Hornet Hatchback Coupe from model roundup
Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, September 22, 2007 11:57 PM
has any one bought this resin kit and whats all included in it its in the middle of the page thanks
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    June, 2007
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Posted by jeryd on Sunday, September 23, 2007 12:42 AM
no sorry i can't help, but you showed me a site i have not seen ! thanks, i guess you helped me on your needing help post!
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Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, September 23, 2007 7:23 AM
The "RK" prefix in the stock number indicates it is made by "Resin King". This is none other then our beloved Dave Burket of "Model King" fame. I purchased one of his kits from "Model Round-up", the 1966 Plymouth Fury III Hardtop with the 1965 Sport Fury interior (yes, that's right!) Having been spoiled by "Modelhaus", "Model Car World"(MCW), and "Time Machine Resin" (all offering quality resin kits and trans-kits) this was a let down. The body is a copy of the Jo-Han promotional (curbside), and had more flash then any I had ever encountered, with the exception of "R&R Vacuumcraft". I literally had to grind and shape the rocker sills, all wheel openings, grille/bumper and rear bumper openings, as well as those components. (I latter decided to purchase new plated parts form "Modelhaus".) The body had numerous holes that required filling with polyester putty. The steering wheel was not fully molded (complete). The recommend chassis was the Polar Lites 65 Coronet 500 didn't fit well at all. I had a Jo-Han 68 Fury chassis that was exactly what was used in the 66 Fury like a glove. The 65 Sport Fury interior is entirely diferent then the 66 (seat shapes and design, console, etc.) The kit and promotional had a seperate rear body trim component that held the red tail lamp lenses, and inserted from behinf the body...this is a rather big part. It, along with the tail lamps is cast/molded into the body, and it too has pin holes and areas that are next to impossible to fill, due to all of the tiny recesses. The kit does not come with clear glass, tires, wheels, plated parts, or the hood ornament. I purchased the vacuum formed clear windshield (rear glass not available), hood ornament, wheels, tires, axles, and plated parts from "Modelhaus". I'm fabricating the rear glass, which is not a big's mostly flat. I'm painting the interior black, so it won't be too obvious. Overall, a lot of money spent to have a 66 Fury, that is not really correct. I should have waited to find a rebuildable kit or restorable promotional. Please don't take my comments as anything against "Model Round-up" or Jack, the owner. The same goes for "Model King" and Dave Burket. They are both "tops" in my book. (Dave did replace the defective steering wheel in a timely manner.) This resin kit required a lot of work and money, even for a seasoned resin builder, and does not come close in comparison to his "Model King" products, or most of his resin competitors. If you MUST have a AMC Hornet, go for it, but be ready to experience similar problems and frustrations. In addition, "Modelhaus" does not offer any parts for any 70's AMC Hornets that I could locate in their catalog. Thumbs Down Fury3
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Posted by Marc @ MPC Motorsports on Sunday, September 23, 2007 10:08 AM
I have purchased three of those resin kits, all with various levels of quality ranging from fairly nice ('68 Coronet), to unbuildable ('61 Starliner). As for the Hornet, it comes with body, front and rear bumpers, and interior. You are on your own for the chassis.

I'm awaiting the arrival of a '73-74 Hornet promo that I scored thru Ebay that I scored for $36 including shipping. That would probably be the best way to go if you want to build a Hornet.

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