R&R Vacuum Craft

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R&R Vacuum Craft

  • Doe anyone know if R&R Vacuum Craft is still in business?
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  • To the best of my knowledge they still have a web site, and have a limited list of upcoming releases. I also know of an outfit that has a large inventory of the older resins.They don't have a web site, but I'll try to get contact info at my show on May 2nd. WOLF
  • Thanks Wolf. I looked for a website but didn't find one for them. Any info you can get I would appreciate it. They made some really cool resin bodies.
  • R&R has never had a website and according to Ray never will, he doesn't even like to do mail-order business. I would suggest that you only buy R&R products when you see them at shows and always open the box they hand you - the best ones are always on display!

    Here's their contact info...

    R&R Vacuumcraft
    8324 Calkins Rd.
    Flint, Michigan 48532
    Dave Lindsay http://www.socalcarculture.com
  • Amen to that!.............I bought a resin kit from them at a show and when I got home and opened it up the quality was so bad I ended up using it to build a junkyard junker model.
    QUOTE: Originally posted by SoCalCarCulture

    R&R has never had a website and according to Ray never will, he doesn't even like to do mail-order business. I would suggest that you only buy R&R products when you see them at shows and always open the box they hand you - the best ones are always on display!

    Here's their contact info...

    R&R Vacuumcraft
    8324 Calkins Rd.
    Flint, Michigan 48532
  • Thanks for the info. I think I will pass on buying any products from them right now.
  • Please don't get the wrong idea about these products. R&R has over 1200 kits in inventory. some are really great, some will take a contract with the devil to make them presentable.This is a problem we accept as the challange of building resin. At my show last week i bought a Checker Marathon and a 54 mercury montery HT. The Merc will match with a 56 ford with very little work, The checker is going to take a lot of work due to thickness of the resin, less than great fit, missing wheels and tires and very delicate detail bits. But, on the plus side, I will have a piece that's only available in metal elsewhere. He also has a 71 boattail Rivera, 60-67 Chev station wagons, 62-65 Chev novas,3 56 Ford wagons (Parklane, woody, and ranch wagon), I will not argue the point of quality of the product, but must remind everyone that these kits are presented in openable boxes and should be checked, just like any other item that is offered to us. The statement "Let the buyer beware" still applies. I even check open models before I purchase them. just remember, noone will twist your arm to buy, but you have a product available that you can't find elsewhere and YOU have the choice. Happy modeling, WOLF
  • Thanks Wolf. I will keep that in mind if and when I get to a show where they are selling. That was the one thing that interested me about R&R was the unusual bodies and kits they produced.
  • I've been warned by a couple of other pro modlers that r&r stuff might not be real nice to work with, but it has to beat scratch building what they have to offer...I'm looking at a coupla pontiacs on ebay to further fill my collection. unfortuneately you can only judge the picture on ebay but... we'll seeApproveorBanged Head
    I am Howard, Jack of all trades,Master of none...current projects: Diorama-->60's gas station, Post WWIII PerriPeekaboo...See my stuff here: http://public.fotki.com/notlezah/ Simple rules. Have you read them? http://www.scaleautomag.com/sca/community/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=7502
  • I recently talked to ray personaly and found him more than willing to do mailorder. In fact,he is expecting to have a new catalog out the end of may. I hope that you will consider that aftermarket suppliers often have a full time job.plus family responsibilties. They are producing kits,etc that the big companies don't . Because the big companies feel they will not generate money. So lighten up a little and give the guy a break
  • i picked up a 64 chevy panel van from him at the cincinnati show, even though the front fenders had been cracked, i'm still happy with what i got , not to mention the price was right as well.Big SmileBig Smile

    Dave http://public.fotki.com/FIREMODELMAN/

  • We'veall got to remember, we need what these people make. If we didn't, what would we do, molding clay and fiberglass? Itry to support the casters for at least helping with our projects. just myMy 2 centsMy 2 cents WOLF
  • I met Ray from R & R at a show in metro Atlanta area about 6 months ago and he had a large selection of rare and neat stuff, many never available from any other resin caster or in styrene from the 'big three'. The quality looked good-in fact some of it was very good and the prices were right in line w/ most resin casters and better than some.

    What surprised me was that he didn't even have a listing of subject matter and pricing that he could have used to promote future mail order sales. I had to surmise that he was more interested in doing shows and not mailorder, and he told me he had no intention of getting a web site. . .He told me that if I was interested in a list of his products w/ pricing, I'd have to mail him a stamped self-addressed envelope and he send me one. He did not want to take down my name and put me on a mailing list .

    I found this "attitude" to be unusual to say the least, and walked away wondering whether he was going to stay in business, for it sure seemed like he didn't care. Over the past couple of years I had made sporadic attempts to reach him by phone in Mich., and either got recordings, temp. disconnected, or it just rang and rang. . .

    It is good news that he apparantly is making a commitment to get a catalog out, and is willing to do mailorder. Hopefully the problems a few Forum members have stated they've had w/ his products are isolated examples and that he'll pay attention to QC.
    I was impressed with what he showed at the show and will definitely give him a try.

    If his stuff turns out good, we need to brag on him. It's all too easy to dump, but we often don't take the time to compliment. And if it is good, as I expect it will be, we want him to stay in business - let's not keep it a closely guarded secret ! BILL
  • R&R Vacuum Craft can be purchased over the internet by contacting stevekohler@cox.net Steve is a dealer for R&R
  • Boy, I wish I had read this BEFORE I ordered!! I mailed an order for 1 body and 2 kits on the 26th of July, along with payment. Their order form states "please allow 6 to 12 weeks for delivery"-no problem. I did not try to inquire on the progress of my order during that period, because I didn't want to be a pain in their rears.Well, 12 weeks came and went without any product or words about progress. Finally, I called right before Thanksgiving to see what was happening. Ray answered the phone, told me of medical difficulties he had experienced, and seemed baffled as to why I had not not received anything. I was told by Ray that the items I ordered were currently in stock, and that I should receive them within a week-it is now the 7th of December, and I wonder if I will see any of the items I purchased this summer before Christmas, or at all for that matter. I realize that virtually all cottage industries are a sideline for their operators, and I do appreciate the efforts that are made to provide the hobby with items we would not otherwise have. HOWEVER, if a person advertises a product or service of any kind, accepts payment for said product or service and never delivers-that's just not right!! It's too bad, too-they really offer some choice items.Sad