Building a Formula Vee

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Building a Formula Vee

  • I got plans in my head for a 1967 VW pickup (Hasegawa) with a Formula Vee racer on the back. Was inspired by this picture:

    (It was posted in a thread at
    I have googeled and found many reference photos of formula Vee cars and I have started to draw up plans for on in 1:24 scale. I was planning on using parts from Revell Street Machine bug (the pink one) and som of Tamyia Karmann Ghia or 66 1300 T1. But the problem is the bodywork. the frame can easily be scratchbuilt but the body must be curvy and aerodynamic looking. Mots real Formula Vee cars have fiberglass body work. I was thinking of maybe trying to shape it out my self from plastic or maybe testing out my bodyworkskill on some thin metal plates. But the easy way out would be if I found a modelkit of a formula car that would have suitable dimensons so taht I could (with some alterations) use the body of that one.
    Here is some pictures I found at

    But does anyone know about a suitable race car in a proper scale that would work? It should be a 60s looking design. I have looked at Tamyia 1/20 Lotus 25 F1 car but I think that may be a bit on the large side.
    I was thinking of starting on this project as soon as I have finished the Ford galaxie taxi project I got now so i guess this may come up sometime very shortlySmile
    Gaute Halsaunet TTT (Things Take Time)
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  • You could always try hammerforming thin sheet brass or aluminum over a wooden form.

  • Atmobil,

    You might take a look at Heller's Formula II Matra or their Formula III Brabham. Both of those cars are out of the late-60's early 70's, and the kits are fairly easy to find. Either one would have bodywork that could serve as a starting point for a Formula Vee.

  • very cool, if you want to try your hand at the body: I'd rough out a buck from basswood and work the shape into it with a belt sander or cabinet scrapers and then cut the form in half and vacuform the halves using .040 styrene, this is all assuming you have or can get use of the tools you need. look down in the Diorama forum on the How-To/Tips thread, in tools is a link to a post on making your own Vacuformer. It'll give you ideas how to make your own, get a cheap heat gun ( a good hair dryer may work,I haven't tried it though).
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  • Atmobile,
    I would try to vacuum form something for the bodywork. If you really wanted to start with kit parts, try the olsonite eagle for the side panels, a 80s/90s sprint car for the rear cowl (modify the tail cone), and reshape the tamiya lotus super seven nose or olsonite eagle nose with pie cuts etc for the nose and fill the front opening.
    good luck, I really want to see this one's progress

  • Thanks for the tips. I didn't find any of the Heller models you mention there Art but I found a few dirtcheap examples of that Olsonite Eagle on ebay. Think I'll go for that one.
    And if that fails I do have and idea about shaping the body in some form of wood and then hammering a body from the metal that is in spraycans. I got a hole heap of old Axe deodorant cans that I know can work well if I cut them up. Vacuumforming it is also an option but I then have to make the tools so that it can be done properly.
    I have uploaded some pictures to my photobucket album of some Formula Vee cars that I think has the best looking designs.

    This Danish on from Axel Japp

    This one is from Simli

    Unknown. The last two images are from and the first one popped up during a google search. Some more pictures in my album.
    Gaute Halsaunet TTT (Things Take Time)
  • What about the AMT/IMC Lotus Ford of the early 60's? Its been re released enough it should be fairly cheap. The body has the cigar shape and seems a bit smaller than the the Eagle.

    Either one would make a great conversion.

  • Looks like Iæm winning the the bid for an Eagle on Ebay now and hopefully one of those Lotus Fords in a couple of days aswell. I guess they should be here next week sometime if everything goes to plan.
    I will see if I get time to scan one of my plan-drawings of the fram on Monday at work. Will post here so you get to see. I am taking my frame plans out from looking at pictures of frames that I have found around the net. If it gets really easy I will probably make several Formula Vee cars. Then a couple of small trailers and place them behind some VW transporters and other cars aswellCool
    Gaute Halsaunet TTT (Things Take Time)
  • i'd shape a body out of foam then glaze it or fibreglass it then dig out the foam.....or you could do it the easy way through vaccum forming
  • Gaute, In the model club library (If that sounded a bit pretentious, it's really just a pile of books and mags...Clown) I'm sure there's a vrey good book on vacuum forming.
    For reference material that's a bit more accessible, I know a couple of guys in town that owns Formula Vee's. I've been thinking about this for a while too. Perhaps we could make it some kind of joint venture...?
    You're never too old to have a happy childhood...!
  • Maybe so, where is the library you are talking about? (I'm guessing it is just down the road right?). Who is it that own a Formula Vee. I know that Leif has or had one but he keeps his stuff "hidden" from publicviewTongue
    Gaute Halsaunet TTT (Things Take Time)
  • The "library" is in the cabinet where we keep the coffee at the place where we have our meetings, and Anders has a Formula Vee. Or what's left of it.... I'll see if I can get some pic's of that.
    You're never too old to have a happy childhood...!
  • you tell meTongue How about getting together one day if you'r interested in making it a "double-trouble"
    Gaute Halsaunet TTT (Things Take Time)