Never order from Scale Repros Plus.........

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Never order from Scale Repros Plus.........

  • I just recieved a BBC pro mod engine from scale repros plus and this is the quality I get for $20.SoapBox

    Trust me I'm getting my money back on this dealAngry

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  • I looked at some of those pictures for a long time before I could really recognize what they are supposed to be. Some of those shots resemble food left too long in the refrigerator, not model parts. Thanks for the info!
  • Wow...that's pretty bad...
  • what is the 2nd photo of? it looks like a resin loaf of bread. thanks for the heads up on the poor quality of product. how can anybody even think of sending something so horrible looking out ? keep us posted on the refund situation. good luck
  • The first pic is of the engine block
    2nd: the supercharger, unbelievable huh....
    3rd: some peice of the oiling system
    4th. one of the cylinder heads, this is probably the nicest peice from the package.

  • WOW!!! thats realllly bad! geeez! Angry I hope they have a really darn good explanation for this cause they are off my list. Please do let us know how this problem was corrected. Sorry, you had a bad one there and I had my share of bad ones too. Keep us posted ok? Thanks for letting us know about it! Dead geezz!
    ~ Jeff Scott ~ "Have You Driven A Ford ... Lately?"
  • I just got done emailing detail master about. Scale Repros sales their products through DM. I'm surpised they would even back up selling an item this bad. I'm pretty sure they'll refund my order.
  • Thanks for the heads up Stingray. How can any one, "with any self respect" , take money for these pcs. of junk. Wish you luck on getting your money back
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  • I think both of these companys are members of this forum. I know the Detail Master people are good folks and I have got a few items from Scale Repro but they were in a excellent condition when I got them not like the way yours was.. thats really bad! That stuff you got looks like some 5 year old packed it or somebody that didn't even care.
    ~ Jeff Scott ~ "Have You Driven A Ford ... Lately?"
  • Wow, those pieces are absolute CRAP! Keep us informed on the outcome on this situation.....
  • Holy moley thats bad. If they can get off charging $20 for that, I'm going to start selling pieces of chewed chewing gum for $15.
  • Looks like they sent you cheeseDinner "Wide Open Til I meet God"
  • QUOTE: Originally posted by jneace40

    Looks like they sent you cheeseDinner

    LaughLaugh I still can't get over this. I've never seen resin that bad.
  • Stingray, that stuff is pretty bad. I have purchased from Scale Repros before and it was nothing like this. It was quality stuff.
    Before everyone goes off and breaks out the noose wait and see what their explanation was and what they do to correct the issue. Honestly, it looks as if these were defects that probably made it into the wrong pile.
    If this be the case there is still no excuse for shipping out something as bad as that but people shouldn't react so negatively until you know the whole story.
    Stingray, let us know what the outcome is and if they are a reputable company they should make good on this. If not, then everyone should cross them off their lists.
    "Those who try, get passed up by those who do" "Life comes at you a quarter mile at a time"
  • WOW! I never realized four week old tofu could be used to mold parts. Talk about surface finish. Just by looking at it I could tell it was in scale. What that scale it is, is anyone's guess. Twenty bucks? Stuff like that should sell for twice that. Only if shipping is free and they include a fifty dollar bill with every order.

    Those aren't pinholes. They are rebored oil way passages in the upper heads.