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Hi; Remember Me? I am Small and I have a Multi-Piece body.

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Hi; Remember Me? I am Small and I have a Multi-Piece body.
Posted by Metalbender on Monday, March 30, 2020 8:50 AM

 Here Goes:

        I am molded in a very dark, Blue. My cousin is molded in Yellow. Another cousin is Red. One cousin is even molded in a Cream color. If you are thinking Antique Automobiles, You're Wrong. Well, based on the year I guess you would be right.

      My box has captivating pictures about how I go together. Yes, although the tires are as hard as the rest of me and are bald, they do have wide whitewalls you have to paint on. I may be the first in my size to have what passes for an engine. Albeit, small and scantily equipped.

    Now that said I cover G.M., Ford, And Chrysler. We are the top of the line for these brands. My Brethren cover the range from the Luxury of the time to the tops for the Working man. Me, well you'll find me in a country Club Home setting and I sit proudly exuding Pure Luxury and I am Not one of the G.M. Line.

    If you had tube Glue, as it aged it got stringy just like most. Pactra paints worked because no one, even A.M.T with their line of model Car lacquers hadn't been thought of yet. Flat Paint Just barely on the shelves and the only one for tires was Black!

   Have you guessed yet? Remember, I had some larger cousins as well. Some were seen in real High end showrooms for folks to drool over and the others could only be seen at those wonderful old Car shows.There , giving us working stiffs an idea of maybe what the future held for Automobiles. Shoot , over half of that never happened. But, We stuck around for your Sons and Daughters.   

     There were those youngsters who were diagnosed ADHD, back then, That could do an awesome job assembling and painting us. Then there those for whom we became Demo-Derby Glue Bombs. All in all a pretty fair life was had by all, and we are still can be found today.

 Do you know which of those autos I am? I bet you can't name the full collection of all the small ones. One is very hard to find and I guess it's because it was, if built and painted properly ,one of the prettiest of the Four Door Versions. The other one was the only Wagon( one of my bigger cousins. Still Multi-Pieced in construction.

      Now, thing I never figured , was our parent never saw fit to inclued window glass plastic with us. That and softer tires would've probably kept us to the fore-front much longer. Oh, one last thought. Even our bigger cousins could be had for 98 Cents plus tax. We started at 79 Cents. Who am I ?



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