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A $ 250.000.00 Model Car???

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A $ 250.000.00 Model Car???
Posted by oldcarguy on Tuesday, November 5, 2019 2:58 PM

Hi ;

 After reading about folks selling models ,and commenting on the thread I thought of this.

 A young man I know was seen teaching older folks at a Community Rec center how to build models. He started with cars. Some went on to Armor,Some to Planes and Some to Ships and Boats. After that he was building a vessel on Commission for a local Business.

    He gets a phone call one day from a Lawyers office. " Could you build a certain car for me " " It's for a court case" " Hmmm,I don't know" he said. "Let's meet" said the lawyer. Any, to make a long story short.He did the model and acted as technical advisor to the lawyer team going to court 

     Technical knowledge and being aware of some older articles in staid and respectable Mags about this Car-he got the lawyer and the plaintiffs to go after the real culprits. His unrequested but granted fee. The Above named $ 250.000.00. His share as part of the laywers team. The scale of the car 1/8th. The material? Brass and other materials. All real. No plastics except in the windows and taillights!

 Same person sold a T-Bird model months later.( A.M.T. 66 BIRD ) Fully detailed .best offer 200.00 bucks! Sold one four years later, same detail, and quality.$80.00 Bucks!

 My friends it is true . You will never even recoup the cost of paint,compressor,brushes or most times not even your time! If someone has told you ,you will, he or she doesn't know the reality of selling something like this!

Model cars, Well most models, Built up by non - studio entities ( You and I )) should never get this idea. If you do have collectables in your stash, Intact well you might get asking price, but rarely does that happen.



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