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What glues/adhesives are you using for:

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What glues/adhesives are you using for:
Posted by QuikTimz on Friday, June 21, 2019 9:19 PM

Hello everyone...having recently "returned to the fold" after 30+ years, I find my options are seemingly endless now...aftermarket detailing options are everywhere, and
therein lie the questions I'm posing here...When I was first into this hobby, it was pretty much the Testors Red or Blue tubes, or the small square bottle with the tiny brush
on the lid...generally, you were only glueing styrene, the choices are endless, and I'd rather not experiment with the parts for my current, here

What glues/adhesives are you using for:
1) Basic styrene assembly? 
Is there something better than the old Testors Red tube for this?

2) Clear parts, like windows and lenses? 
The one I've read about most often is plain old Elmer's white glue (to keep from "fogging" them)...

3) Photo-etched and/or machined details? 
I have seen Future polish mentioned many times as an adhesive for photo-etch (perhaps because the glues would attack the painted finish most details would be attached
to?)...Has anyone tried Scotch brand double sided clear tape?...most automotive trim nowadays is held on with double sided foam tape...

4) Resin parts?
5) 3D printed parts? 
There seem to be a myriad of CA glues, in varying viscosities, and curing accelerants: what do you like and why? What if you are attaching resin to styrene or 3D (or some
other combination of those)?

What are you using to hold/attach small parts to a "handle" for painting/detailing? A lot of items can't be held with an alligator clip on a skewer...thanks in advance for your input and of now, I remain, a little confused, lol...

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Posted by midnightprowler on Saturday, June 22, 2019 1:34 AM

For basic styrene assembly before painting I use liquid cement. Pick your poison here, lots of brands out there. I get mine from work. For Windows and lenses I use either 5 minute epoxy or Elmers Clear school glue. For PE I either use clear enamel, or very sparingly crazy glue. Machined parts usually again crazy glue applied carefully and sparingly.Resin either crazy glue or 5 minute epoxy. If I had 3D parts the same. I prefer a thicker gel type crazy glue as it is easier to control application. I sometimes use cardboard with tape rolled on itself or poster putty depending on the part for holding, sometimes I use a qtip with the swab cut off  stuck in a clothes pin and poster putty on the end. All depends on parts.

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    April, 2019
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Posted by QuikTimz on Monday, June 24, 2019 1:26 AM

Thanks for the reply midnightprowler...sounds like there will be several crazy glues and probably an accelerator in my arsenal...i like the poster putty idea too

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Posted by rcarlisle on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 7:45 AM

To get even more specific, I have started using DURO super glue.  4 little metal tubes for $1.88.   Seems to craze/fog less than the major brands.   Works well.  And each tube comes with its own nozzle.   At WalMart in paint section.   I was using loctite and it would go hard before I could use it all  So far haven't lost a tube of Duro although the nozzles can get all messy and fail.  I have even used this to install glass with no fogging.

Liquid cement?  Testors in the glass jar.   I apply with a small paint brush usually.  


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