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Liquid Plastic Welder Adhesive

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Liquid Plastic Welder Adhesive
Posted by heylonghair on Monday, April 17, 2017 10:25 AM

I just saw an ad on facebook for this "magical" 5-second fix adhesive.  After a little research I found that there are several different variations/brands and it is referred to as a liquid plastic welder adhesive that uses UV light to "cure" the liquid adhesive.

The reviews are less than stellar which I expected but it does sound like it could have it's uses.  While it is less an adhesive and more of a filler it does look like it could work rather well for filling small seams/joints/minor bodywork/etc.  I'm going to pick some up and give it a try but I was just wondering if anyone else out there has already tested it out and could give some input.

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Posted by Bainford on Monday, April 17, 2017 10:56 AM

There was a thread in this section not that long ago where modellers discussed the pros and cons of this stuff. I tried to find the thread so I could post a link but the search feature is lacking. Anyway, some guys are finding it quite useful for some things. It seems popular for glueing windows as it allows you to clean up any mistakes before hitting it with the UV, or after the UV it can be removed from the glass with a finger nail.

I recently picked up the Bondic version. I haven't tried it yet but I think it will have some uses. Adhesion is limited as you have discovered. I am curious to try it for foil casting small badges and other body details.

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Posted by Foxer on Monday, April 17, 2017 11:10 AM

I expect this is the link:


It is about Laserbond, which is about the same as Bondic. I've only used Bondic and have used it more for casting small parts than anything else. It is not a glue, but might be used for temporary attachment.


I don't know why that link doesn't work to the thread but you can search using google ... lazer bond  ... copy and paste that into Google.

Here's a few things I've done with Bondic

Red Sharpie works well for transparent red on these tail lights I casted

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Posted by rickcaps55 on Thursday, April 20, 2017 5:57 PM

Hi i use this stuff for everything it's great i'm 65 and i have been building model cars for 55 of those years. It is the perfict answer to gluing resin parts to the model it drys in 5 to 10 seconds with the UV LED they supply and it drys CLEAR no milky fog and it is the best for putting in the clear parts and for the chrome parts. It go's under many names but i have found out the liquid is all the same no matter what name is on it in fact i have tryed almost everyone out there and they all work the same i get it on Amazon they have good prices and fast delivery I also get that new chrome pen on there to it really looks like chrome i can't beleave it but try it you will like it i also use it around the house to fis all kinds of stuff and so far no problems. The main thing is you can work with it for as long as you want it will not dry untill you hit it with the UV light and it wipes right off if you change your mind it will not hurt paint or chrome the one big CAUTION is do NOT use it in the sun light sun light is UV light and it will harden right now.


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