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MPC reissues of Gremlin and Pacer

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    October, 2016
MPC reissues of Gremlin and Pacer
Posted by CanesBart on Thursday, March 23, 2017 7:06 PM

Man!  Have been working on a '76 Gremlin and '77 Pacer (part of the "Al Bundy" Collection).

The Gremlin is a beautiful kit, and both have tons of extra parts, but I have never been so down before, building.   The fit problems are like nothing Ive ever seen!   I mean terrible.   The molding is great, no flash, but the fit!   The hoods have a 2-3mm gap on both sides, the cockpit and chassis have more issues fitting the body than I thought possible!


Thank Jeebus they are both "Bundy" cars (ones that were so bad, he went and bought back his old "Dodge"), 'cause if I had to make them showroom, I would would stuff 'em back in the boxes and leave 'em.

Old MPC stuff is.....great to have, and I commend Round 2 for making them available, but..........................................

Y'all will laugh when I tell you I have the old MPC '67 GTO ready to convert to a LeMans for the NOTLD car.  I heard its the poster child for space age molding, design, and fit!  Indifferent


OK, rant over.  Much better now.  Carry on.  

Got a GREAT Monagram F-1 pickup, a top notch '96 Mustang (The Bundy's "Testica 2000", a FUN conversion project) and a Sirroco I hope is a modern design kit, on deck, so I have only happiness ahead of me.  

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Posted by gulftarpon on Friday, March 24, 2017 11:50 AM

A lot of the mid 70s MPC kits weren't great, but they represent the state of the business for their time, the Malaise Era. Maybe the only thing that can be said is that they are better than the AMT/Lesney kits from the same time. I've been collecting each reissue as it comes out and plan to eventually build all the kits I destroyed as a little kid. I notice now how bad the datail is and find that I don't care, I'll just have fun and try to build them better than I did with tube glue and a couple bottles of Testor's brush paint! LOL


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