Painting Raised Outline White Letters

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Painting Raised Outline White Letters

  • How does one go about painting outline white letters on tires?  The tires I have are rubber with "GOODYEAR WINGFOOT" in raised outlines and do not sit in an area on the sidewall that would make the foam plate method a viable option.  Perhaps a sponge eyeliner applicator would work?

    Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated

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  • This was in the "Painting and bodywork" forum...

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  • Thank you, BTD.  I need to start venturing into other forums besides just the two that I enjoy.  Now I feel like a newbieEmbarrassed.

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  • Get a white Gelly Roll pen at Michaels.  I think you'll find it is very simple! Cool

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  • Jus make sure that the Jell pen has washable ink. The non washables have an oil base which won't dry on vynil tires . . Ed Shaver

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