Polar Lights '64 GTO

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Polar Lights '64 GTO

  • It was mentioned that Polar Lights is releasing a '64 GTO. Is it a rehash of the AMT or Monogram GTOs, or something all new and hopefully wonderful?
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  • This is about all i could find! I was hoping to find some talk of it but haven't just yet!

    From the Hobby Heaven site.
    Y432 - Polar Lights ’64 GTO Ht. pre-painted, color doesn’t matter, Oct - 12.95
    Y444 - Polar Lights ’64 GTO Ht, pre-painted Red, Oct - 12.95
    Y445 - Polar Lights ’64 GTO Ht, pre-painted Gold, Oct - 12.95
    Y446 - Polar Lights ’64 GTO Ht, pre-painted Turquoise, Oct - 12.95
  • It's supposed to be an all new tool. If it's anything similar to the 65 Coronet, it'll be worth having.
  • Are the new Polar Light kits metal or plastic?
  • They are plastic. and snap kits, but very nice,
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  • There also doing a 04 GTO to go with the 64.( I know, I know...nobody likes the 04.)
  • QUOTE: Originally posted by roadhawg

    There also doing a 04 GTO to go with the 64.( I know, I know...nobody likes the 04.)

    hey. i like the '04. a lot of people i know say it looks like a Grand Prix or something. but thats what makes it so cool. its the ultimate sleeper. a Grand Prix with 345 horses. you gotta love it. and whens the last time any of you guys saw a Holden Manaro driving in the U.S. i havent, so its new to me.
  • I'm looking forward to both of them, I just hope the choices don't get picked over at Wally World before I get there!
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