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Train Show Find

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Train Show Find
Posted by oldcarguy on Tuesday, November 07, 2017 9:29 AM

Hi ! Don't be alarmed . I am not gonna talk about trains ! I went to ours . I am a Member of the board so Had to be there . Walking around and checking out the vendors I found this .

 A 1932 Pierce Arrow Sports Phaeton . That's right ! A Pierce Arrow !  Now , this is an old kit .It's kit number C-339 from Pyro ! Manufactured in 1965 ! It's in 1/32 scale But except for the body in two halves , a very decently detailed kit with an engine , chrome and clear ! One of their One Dollar kits !

 It's part of their old " Table Top Series " . Now there's this . I am cuckoo for Pierce Arrows of any kind .Why ? Well my high school years were spent in  "McKinley Vocational Technical High "

 I chose this school because it was independant of the school district , supported by the Labor Unions in the city ! And , the Mckinley building was the Old Pierce Arrow plant in Buffalo , N.Y.

 All the lathes and machines were still there ! Belt driven from belts and shafts up in the overhead ! They all still worked too ! We were taught the trade we selected and the regular book studies . When graduating we had two years up on College students ! And a trade to boot !

 But Pierce Arrows were built there .What a history in photos they had in the entry Foyer ! A real Pierce too ! It was in a showcase and it was all there . Once a year it hit the street ! It was the auto that the Class " King " went in to an all girls school , and picked up our Prom " Queen "  .

  That's right  ! The Girls we partnered at prom were like us .They learned " Ladies Trades ', Secretarial ,Legal Aides and such , oh ! And Ma Bell operators ) Our school never had , except for the school nurse , a female student walk the halls , classrooms or shops . Certainly a different time .

 Back to the Pierce Arrow . It was a 1927 Pierce Arrow ," Golden Arrow Town Sedan "

 It had the open driver's compartment with a brass and fabric speaking tube and all soft leather seats . You leaned forward and taking the tube in hand  , you told the driver where you wanted to go !

 My gosh ! can you imagine going to school in a building that full of history ? That's why I had to have this model . Now this model even has clear window and light lenses. Super thin and clear !

 I have no idea it's market value ! I got it for less that a fiver ! Yes ! I will build it unles someone is interested in wrangling it from me . O.C.G.    P.S. It is also molded in a very nice medium  dark Teal ! No swirl marks either ! It's all there ! including the instructions . 


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Posted by mini man on Tuesday, November 07, 2017 9:35 AM


It will hack off the collectors,I recently got an Airfix Ford cortina mk1 and intend to build it.Big Smile

Will build most anything,love American cars muscle etc.Britishvehicles are a buzz too,trucks are great - want to do a jet truck,building parts up...


P.S.N.I. Officer.

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Posted by justmike on Tuesday, November 07, 2017 8:47 PM

That Pierce better show up in a WIP thread of yours!!   lol

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Posted by aliasT.W. on Tuesday, November 07, 2017 9:28 PM

My brother had this kit, so i remember it well. I think you should build it myself, like to see 1 finished again.


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