Batmobile Sold!

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Batmobile Sold!

  • Sold last night at Barrett Jackson... $4,200,000!

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  • So, how does it look in your garage?

    High octane

  • Laugh I wish,I've loved that car since I was a kid. That's some stupid money for a car.

  • Who was the seller? Did Barris own it?

  • Stupid money, maybe, but the bottom line is either you want it or you don't.

    High octane

  • Which Batmobile?


  • It was the first Batmobile built for the series,It was a lincoln futura concept car that as used in a Glen Ford movie and then sold to Barris for $1.00 to be made into the Batmobile.I watched the auction and it was nuts! There was a total of six carsbuilt but this one is the original.

    don;t throw that away,i can use it!

  • The guy who bought it said" I will tear down a wall and put it in my living room"Indifferent

  • I am sure I will get hammered for this---I watched the series back in the day but I have never built or owned a Batmobile kit.  I confess, I have never seen ANY of the Batman movies.  I DO still have some Batman comics from the 60's.  I did build the Fireball 500 and Thundercharger if it helps clear my name any.


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    Where's the Dog?

  • Thats makes two of us Glooz. But I do want to build one.

    Its only plastic until you add imagination! Michael

  • Hhmmm... not bad for a used Lincoln.

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  • My wife and I have worked and sacrifeced our entire life.I thought we had made it to "middle class" status. Having watched the Barrett-Jackson Auction, I realized that with all the disposable income out there to buy collectalbe cars.....we are 1 meal away from being homeless.Laugh


  • You and your wife are fine Dennis Cool.

    That was some of the 1% you were watching bid Thumbs Up.

    Remember. The wealthy have just as many problems as the rest of us. They just have more money to make themselves feel better Laugh Laugh Laugh.