1967 Ranchero from Blue Oval ResinWorks

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1967 Ranchero from Blue Oval ResinWorks

  • Here's the master of my new 67 Ford Ranchero resin transkit from Blue-Oval-ResinWorks.com  This should be available in January.

    Kenny Anderson
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  • That looks pretty sweet. I just checked your website and your prices look real doable. Someone was doing a 73 Ranchero. I thought it was you. I'll need a few of your products, but first I need to pick up a few Ford pick ups!

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  • Very nice looking,is that for the AMT Fairlane kit?

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  • Yes, the donor kit would be either of the AMT '66 Ford Fairlane kits. The GTA or the 427 kit.

    Kenny Anderson
  • Ken , curiousity has the best of me here . How are you going to handle the rear of the Ranchero yet ? I looked at some photos you have on another site . They too are the same views . Will you have the pieces Pre- chromed ?

    Then too, I thought the wagons and the Ranchero had a slightly longer frame . O K , meebie I'm wrong ............ Ed Shaver


    See ya on the road folks

  • Ed, The wheelbase / frame is the same but the 1/4 panels are definitely longer. I had to add a 1/4" to both of the sides. In 1/25th scale that would be about 3" . The tail lights and bumpers will have to be chromed by the customer or sprayed with Alclad most likely. Kenny..

    Kenny Anderson
  • Actually a 1/4 inch translates into approx. 6.25 mm. About 25 mm to an inch, so 1 mm = 1" for 1/25th scale.

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  • 3 inches or 6 inches, either way, I still added 1/4" to the rear of the 1/4 panels to lengthen them to accommodate the ranchero bed. Oh, BTW, The master is done and I'm casting this as we speak.


    Kenny Anderson