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August Editorial: Tuners

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August Editorial: Tuners
Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, July 8, 2004 7:04 AM
Are "Tuner" cars a fad and do modelers want to see more of them in Scale Auto?

My feeling is that much of what is done to cars of any scale is cyclical. For instance, I was never a fan of the fuschia and teal paint jobs that seemed to be everywhere years back, but that was all the rage for a while. Times and tastes changed and restoration or factory stock appearance became a hot trend. Recently, it seemed like everyone was into building rat rods. Now little cars with little engines are what seem to be in vogue. Truth be told, my tastes lean heavily toward 60's and 70's muscle cars, but I feel that there is a large body of people who like and/or drive tuners and want to model these cars. Scale Auto should devote a proportionate amount of coverage to whatever the current trend is, be it tuners, beaters, mainstreamers, customs, low riders, show rods, whatever.

I enjoy reading well written and photographed articles about all sorts of model cars and trucks. If I can learn something new or be inspired by someone's modeling skills from an article in SA, I consider it a winner, regardless of subject matter.


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Posted by Anonymous on Friday, July 9, 2004 1:06 AM
I agree that tuners deserve a place in SAE. I dont reallybuild them myself, but I respect others that do My son is warming up to them, and I try to help him as best I can. I remember when tuners were rally racers or mountain racers in California. They were just as slick looking back then, just a little less flashy or legal. My sum total of tuners in my collection are two different era ToyotaCelicas that were originally rally cars that I converted to more street legal vehicles. WOLF
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Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, July 10, 2004 1:00 AM
Sign - DittoSign - Ditto Gotta agree with them, I'm not a big tuner fan, but I can for the most art, appreciate them. Personally I prefer the toned down, clean ones to the ones seen in movies like "the Fast and the Furious" and "2 Fast 2 Furious", but I feel the same way about cars in general. Just my My 2 cents
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Posted by KRIS MORGAN on Saturday, July 10, 2004 12:16 PM
I would have to be in agreement with you guys. I am not a big tuner fan but, I do respect those who are ( I will however poke fun at them, just for fun. No harm meant ). The best part of the tuner rage is that it will bring young builders to this hobby.

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Posted by W-Machine on Saturday, July 10, 2004 3:14 PM
I'm always happy to see good craftsmanship and detailing, regardless of what the subject may be. Tuners and low riders may not be my "thing" but some of the modelers building them are doing fantastic work. Bring 'em on, I say.

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Posted by FreedomEagle1953 on Saturday, July 10, 2004 3:35 PM
I think there is room in our hobby for all types of projects ... just don't leave anyone/anything out ... please.


Chicago, IL area

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Posted by MojoDoctor on Saturday, July 10, 2004 9:34 PM
In his editorial, Jim was straight to the point.
The demographics of modelling are changing and the results are shown in the pages of Scale Auto Magazine.
I like to see what other modellers are doing, but the emphasis is on what is most popular. The major manufacturers also reflect this trend, as do the 'cottage industry' people. If tuners were more popular, there would be more involvement. This is not the case right now.
Gone are the days of "fuschia and teal paint jobs", but do I feel that small cars with four cylinder engines are a 'trend'? No!
This is the future and I think jelly bean cars with screaming engines are here to stay. Time will tell!

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Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, July 10, 2004 11:37 PM
As much as I cannot help but snicker when I'm with a group of younger car buffs talking about their "tuners" and their plans to make them even faster I can honestly say I'm not a tuner man.
However, when you get right down to it Tuner buffs are not much different than us muscle car guys sere back in the 70's. Its all about taking the car you've got and making it faster. Street racing is street racing. Lets face it modern "muscle cars" are few and far between and most are well beyond most peoples means. Tuners are doing what car buffs have always done. Trying to make your ride just a few tenths of a second faster than the next guys.
If you look at it that way tuners are just the latest trend not a fad.
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Posted by KRIS MORGAN on Sunday, July 11, 2004 9:17 PM
Rather well put. being a 31 year old mustang fan, I remember the 5.0. getting alot of flack growng up. Like it or, not this car has now made a very historic name for itself.

Hockey players wear numbers because, they cannot always be identified by dental records. Lets go Red Wings!!

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Posted by Camaross1stgen on Monday, July 12, 2004 4:00 AM
The way I see the Tuner Phase going through the American Land now, is that, like the muscle cars yall had back in the day, those really didn't appeal to the elders back then. Speed up to the current day and you have today's youth's trying to convert these imports into reasonable street racers, just like back in the day, when teenagers, would get a stock 396 69 camaro, and supe t he crap out of it's just the American Youth, living the ever changing American Dream.

Ray Parkman aka Raging Asian
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    June 2004
  • From: Model Room
Posted by Drewstang on Monday, July 12, 2004 9:39 PM
I agree with the editorial, in that Tuners are what is hot right now. But I don't think they will last much longer. I was reading a Hot Rod magazine last week that was evaluating the come-back of the Muscle Car. More TV shows, Movies, and commercials are using Muscle Cars than before. Did the makers of the new Dukes of Hazzard look east for a new General? No. They will be making slight mods to a 69 Charger for the new movie. If anyone watches Vegas on NBC, one of the main guys drives a 69 Camaro Conv. not a Skyline GTR. I'm not bashing the Tuners because I build some of Tamyia's subjects, I think they have their place in our modern culture just as the 5.0's and the Muscle Cars of the 60's did. The guys in the club I belong to have much different thoughts. They did not welcome the Acura Integra when it was announced to be released. They never warmed up to the Civics and are still trying to accept these new vehicles. I'm sure they will warm up to them eventually, hopefully before they go out of style.
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Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, July 14, 2004 1:46 PM
I agree with what jaabat said about SAE putting a little of everything in the mag. Diversity is a key to sucess, no matter what you are doing. A lot of you mention the younger crowd being more into the tuners. I think that is awesome. If the tuners are what they like, then that's what they should get. As long as they are drawing more people to our hobby, the tuners should stay. That applies to most topics, I am all for having more demand for our hobby, it secures its place in the market. The last thing I want is for modeling to dissapear.


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