How Many Pictures ?

How Many Pictures ?

  • I'm not new to this forum but I am new to posting photos of my models. I thought I read somewhere that only 3 photos were allowed per post. I see an awful lot of posts with alot more ! Is there such a rule ? Or is it just a guideline ?    TooOld


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  • Yup, that's the rule.  The moderators will eventually catch up to those threads with more than three per post and edit them accordingly.  The kosher way to show more than three consecutive photos of your work is to do it over several replies.

  • I visit FineScale Modeler one in awhile. Same publisher,etc. They apparently have no limit to pics in a post. I've seen nearly an entire WIP to finish posted in a single post. What's up with that??

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  • I suspect it is up to the Editor, not the OWNER of the site

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