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Louvers for 1/16 scale and chrome bullets for 1/25

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    January, 2011
Louvers for 1/16 scale and chrome bullets for 1/25
Posted by Wick Humble on Monday, February 14, 2011 8:18 PM

I'd like to put a louvered effect onto a 1/16 scale '"Road Signature brand'" '58 Caddie that I'm rebuilding; it will be flat black with moons, w/w's on red rims, in the weeds, full-length lakers (like my first car) and have a 'rockabilly' look.  The hood louvers would make it perfect, but tho I have an assortment of 1/24-1/25 scale 'glue on' strips from the early 'sixties, they look very phoney.  Anyone know where I can get larger and more realistic looking louvers?  The 'Stray Cats' need this car!


Also, I'm resuming a build on a '60 Merc 2-dr HT AMT kit in 1/25 scale that I began in '61,  I'm trying to duplicate a Darryl Starbird idea car that was illustrated  (but probably never built) in June 1960 CAR CRAFT; Larry Evans was given as the artist. 

My need is that Starbird projected the grilles -- front and rear -- be made of  " '59 Cadillac tail-light lenses that have been dipped in a chrome bath" and I don't think that these ever existed, per se.  Of course, on a 1:1 car, a customizer could have red plastic lenses vacuum-aluminized like our model producers do, but...  !! 

Anybody know where I could buy this type bullet shape part -- I count 31 on the drawings -- that I might use?  Anybody can turn them from aluminum rod?  Ideas, please!!  I could finish this half-century build up in a few weeks if I thought I could realistically get these parts.  I'll post scans of the article and photos when I finish the car; it makes a superb custom, head and shoulders above most of the genre of that era!

Besides, now I have a '60 Merc grille to sell or swap, Impala builders!

Wick Humble


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Posted by Rodent on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 10:16 PM


IIRC, this is the custom grille from the original issue of the Monogram 58 T-Bird. Also, IIRC, the custom cr*p on this kit was done by Starbird.

- Steve

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    January, 2011
Posted by Wick Humble on Sunday, November 19, 2017 11:13 PM

Thanks for the info. :-<)

I've had a number of suggestions re: the bullets, but none particularly do-able.  My own thought was to have them turned ($!) from aluminum welding rod by someone with a mini-lathe.  The rod I have in correct diamater, and it appears to be polishable, but all I own is an arbor shaft powered by a sewing machine motor, and a 'craft' sized drill press that might be adapted.  What a lot of work to complete a model I began 57 years ago!  Any ideas, or anybody want the 'commission' to turn two-dozen bullets?


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