Decal request- Beltsville Speedway

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Decal request- Beltsville Speedway

  • I know I have seen these decals before possibly on one of the Slixx panel/number sheets but now I cannot find them. Could have sworn I had a set in stock, but no luck.

    They are for James Hylton's 1970 Citrus 250 winner from Daytona speedweeks. It was a yellow 69 camaro with red lettering/numbers. Was #48 in same font as his dega winning car and had "Beltsville Speedway" across the top of the 1/4 panels with "Beltsville M.D." down low behind the rear wheels.

     I am sure the lettering is out there and could really use a sheet or two if someone could help me out. Please post here or email me at jhend95 at .

    Thank you , Joe

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  • What you are looking for is Number Sheet F: Slixx #1326/98NS-F.

    I just checked Slixx's website and it does not appear that it is a current decal sheet.  They are up to Q and S.  It is a really neat car to model, I hope you find the sheet.

    Thanks, Don

    President - RPM Model Club

  • Don,

     I was able to find them on slixx's site, but had to do it through a yahoo search. For some reason, their own search does not reveal or show this number sheet. Here it is on their site incase anyone else is/was looking for it.


    Thanks, Joe

  • Well, I just got an email from slixx stating those decals should not have come up on their site as they are out of production.

    Therefore, if anybody has a set or knows where I can get a couple sets, please let me know.

    Thank you,Joe