Amt / Ertl Blueprinter

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Amt / Ertl Blueprinter

  • I have seen different magazines with modelers building (BLUEPRINTER) type models. They are the models that get sent to you in the mail, and come in a plain white box. "FYI" I have been wanting to get into this for years. Now I see it in our latest Scale Auto Magazine. If anybody has any info on this or can tell me how to get in touch with Amt / Ertl Blueprinter, please let me know.

    I have tried to find out by doing a search for it, buy I come up empty every time....

    Later Doc...............
    Thank you for the help. No more info needed........
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  • As it was stated in another thread on this subject, the Blueprinter magazine, and also the kit program ended many years ago. Th kits turn up at eBay regulary, so getting many of them shouldn't be too hard. There's also been a thread around here with a sorta summary of what kits were released through the Blueprinter.
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  • my friend Howard had 3 or 4 different ones sealed inside for sale email me if interested and i'll check with him Mon/tues his days off to see if he still has them one was the Malco gasser Mustang anotgher was the fiat Double dragster set...