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Resin casting; anyone take 'commission projects'

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Resin casting; anyone take 'commission projects'
Posted by Wick Humble on Sunday, March 8, 2020 7:31 PM

I've been trying to find someone who can teach me resin casting of small mechanical parts on 1:24-1:25 scale, but no one in our N. CA area responds.  Now I wonder if anyone out there takes on resin casting projects on a paid basis?

I have several pieces I'd like to duplicate, the best of which is a 1939 M-B V-12 engine from an old (very old) Hawk kit.  I have all the pieces in essentially new condition, and I'd like a few copies of it ready to paint and plate.  The caster could keep a master and sell repros, if desired!  I no longer have the kit, having glue-bombed it and used the other bits on other cars back 'when.  I'm a Harry Miller fan, and wish to use this engine as the basis for some of his DOHC screamers, for starters, and maybe a NOVI or two.  I also have some excellent Strombecker 'Scarab" Halibrand wheels (2-part) that I have need of copies as they seem better than what I've purchased from online suppliers, plus some Firestone speedway-style tires to build very old school racers.

I'm 74 years of age, and trying to complete a little collection that I began in the late 'fifties, plus build some phantom cars I dreamed of during fifty years of 8-to-5 work and imagining.  Thanks!  "It never hurts to ask!"  Wick

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    January 2011
  • From: Chico, CA
Posted by Wick Humble on Sunday, May 10, 2020 9:24 PM

Same quest!  Any help for an old guy out there?

Also, how can I contact IPMS Dragonlady Region in N. CA?  I tried their website and a PM to member, and none will 'go through' for me.  I'm so isolated here in Chico, and almost 75 anos on the odometer!  Our very fine local guy, Roger English of Skyway Hobbies closed shop two years ago (Before the Paradise "Camp Fire", and cut off the limb I'm on, I guess.  Ideas?

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Posted by 58volvoV8 on Monday, May 18, 2020 11:18 PM

Maybe try contacting a resin maker directly....cant hurt to ask. Or YouTube a video on resin casting and dive in...try some scrap parts first then work into your good stuffYes.....then when ya get good at it.I'll pay ya to do some parts for meBig Smile

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Posted by 195X on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 1:07 PM

The issue with home casting is the initial investment. You'll need a decent but fairly small compressor, a pressure pot, mold box supplies, clay and mixing implements. Between the compressor (if you don't already have one, capable of 40psi) and pressure pot it will run you around $300 bare minimum. Silicone is about $20 to $30 a pound depending where you buy and then of course there's resins which can run anywhere from $20 to $60 per half gallon, depending on type and grade.

You can get a slow set silicone that doesn't need pressurizing or degassing that will take up to 18 hrs to cure. You'll still need pressure for bubble free castings.

Most casters are wrapped up in their own projects and won't take outside work. There are exceptions but usually only if they can add it to what they already sell when done, and or you'll pay an exhorbitant price to have half a dozen castings made. Mainly because getting the parts clayed for a two part mold is a pain that can take quite a while to do it proper. Especially if it's a tree of parts. Original parts can be duplicated quite easily by the home hobbyist but, homemade or sculpted/modified parts have a habit of getting destroyed during the molding process. Once the box mold is cured it has to be flipped over and all the clay cleanly removed and any rubber cut away from where it shouldn't be. Then you cover it in mold release a couple times and pour the plug mold. Another 6 to 18 hours later (again, depending on choice of rubber) you have a mold. Pull it apart and carefully remove the originals. It's pretty involved and measurements have to be precise when mixing.

I have more than enough on my plate or I would offer to help beyond this writing but, I can suggest this. Look up some of the resin castings on ebay. Find a few younger, fairly unknown casters and chat them up. Figure out which one isn't going to gouge you too badly on cost and see if they'll help. DO NOT base any pricing on the values you see on the Alumilite pages. Most proffesional casters are using industrial suppliers.

I hope some of this is helpful. Good luck.

My favorite color is clear. I am also ambidexterous, I can screw up equally well with either hand. I am 53 years old and been building for most of that time. :)

On the bench... somewhere. Pink Panther show car, 1978 Dodge Magnum Charger Daytona Midnight edition SE 300. Mongrel T.

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Posted by Painted Black on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 1:53 PM


Start here, some good vids.


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