Looking for detailing items to re-create my 1971 RoadRunner Clone

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Looking for detailing items to re-create my 1971 RoadRunner Clone

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It's been a while, but I'm back and on a mission.  I just purchased a 1971 Plymouth Satellite which was in the midst of being cloned into a Road Runner.

I have the Monogram 1971 GTX model kit, and I have a resin 340 to replicate the 318.  I'd like to find a bench seat, base model dash with base model gauges, air conditioning parts (resin maybe?) and white decals for the fenders.  Any suggestions?  

Here are some reference pics:

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  • Air conditioning parts should be in the '71 Duster kit I believe.

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  • The AC parts should work from the Duster, or you can scratch them!!  As for the hood/fender decals,  all can be painted on easily..  Or you can go to mofobow@hotmail.com., as a decal source..  But sorry to inform you.  The white decals weren't factory issue..  I'm 99% sure they are aftermarket!  Best of luck...  S56-->

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  • Wahoo  I just got a message back from Vaughan at HartsPartsResins.  He thinks a resin bench seat is a good idea and is going to start working on one this weekend!