Chaparral 2E?

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Chaparral 2E?

  • Jim Hall's Can-Am cars of the '60's have always been a favorite of mine.  Did anyone ever kit these in 1/25 or 1/24, styrene or resin?

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  • Yep, keep en eye on eBay.  I've gotten a C, D and E pretty reasonable.


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  • Hi Bowser, IMC made a detailed 2E, later re-issued by Union ( Japan ). The union kit is often on Ebay. Union also re-issued the Mecom Lola T70, both in 1/25th scale. Fischer pattern makes a number of CanAm cars in 1/24 ( resin curbside ). Very nice. I also have a 2H from Mini Exotics ( through R&D unique, Wa. ), another resin in 1/24th scale. If you are looking for a challenge, Tamya made an injection plastic Surtees Lola T160 ( out of production, but turns up on ebay ), and their accompanying McLaren M8 has just been re-issued after nearly 30 years - both of these are 1/18, and match the GMP Can Am diecasts out a few years ago ( lolas and mcClarens ). Exoto has released a number of Chaparrals in 1/18 including the 2E and 2F. The 2D and 2J are promised, but haven't materialised for nearly 10 years. Finally Monogram produces a nice injection 2D and 2C ( old slot cars ) that can be found easily, and can be built up into detailed models with some work. Both are 1/24th. Hope this helps...