FORD CORTINA from England

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FORD CORTINA from England

  • Hey everybody.....looking for a Ford Cortina of England in 1/24-25 scale plastic kit??
    Did any kit company make one?????
    Here is a pic of what I am looking for.....

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  • Back in '69 I had a '67 Cortina GT with the Lotus engine. It was a realllllllly fun little car. I was in the USAF and was stationed just a stone's throw from the Riverside Raceway. We were able to go out there when all the big-name cars and drivers weren't around and run the track. Funnnnn, fun, fun! was maroon with a black interior. I sold it to a fellow G.I. and before I left for overseas he had smoke rolling out the back. Oh, wellllllll.SadMischief
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  • Thanks everyone !!!!! That does give me an idea what I am up against...I have seen tons of Ford Taunus in diecast mostly 1/43 scale...I have that Cortina from Matchbox in 3 colors....such a cool looking car.....I have always liked overseas Fords.....Maybe I will buy some more Matchbox ones and take them apart to repaint and detail them .....I have found a couple for only $2 each....with box about $8....
    A big Thanks to Michael "miwi" That is a GREAT list !!!!!!!!!!!Cool
    "I should have read my horoscope this morning." H.B. Halicki "Gone in 60 Seconds" 1974 (This movie ROCKS!!!!!)
  • I do have the Ascona A and B kits, and they are demanding but fair enough. The body, chassis, dash and front seats are cast in resin. Tires are soft black material (resin?). Windows and interior bucket are vacuum formed, clear resin for the lights, and a good number of small metal parts, wipers, bumpers, door handles, gear stick etc. There is a piece of chrome foil, and metal pins for the axels, a small decal sheet for instruments, number plates, and cowl vents(!). The AScona B kit also has a piece of black, self-abhesive carpet material. All the castings are good, with virtually no air bubbles and not a lot of flash. On the down side I should mention that the windows are not prefectly smooth, and that the body shows clear signs of being mastered by hand. i.e. they are not 100% symmetrical, and although the general propotions look correct, there are minor inconsistencies on the detail level.
    By the way. I consider parting with them as I regard them to be beyond me, and other projects keep coming in the way. The Ascona B is 'as new' ,and the A is started (almost finished the clean-up of the parts). So if you feel needy, e-mail me.
  • Speaking about quality of BS Design resin kits, thats a problem. I only know one excellent kit thats a Opel Manta A. The proportions of the body is correct, no bubbles, no hole, vacuformed windows and interior tube. The formerly mentioned Ford Taunus 12M is a piece of crap. The master is a rubber toy from greece. I only know one built model. Check this site its in German. Heres a picture
    The 1970 VW T2 Bus and Pickup are to low , too wide and have a lack of detail. The Opel Kadett B (or Buick Kadett) is something in between these kits.
    There is a another Ford model from BS that I own it is a 1983 Ford Fiesta II. Similar to the Opel Kadett.

    German built Ford models are rare there ar only afew kits and resin models. Here is a small list:
    Resin models
    1961 Ford Taunus 12 M from BS Design
    1966 Ford Taunus 15M TS from Replicas Miniatures of Maryland
    197? Ford Escort RS 2000 from Scale Production
    197? Ford Escort Mexiko from unknown supplier
    1976 Ford Capri RS 2600 from Automobilminiaturen
    1978 Ford Fiesta I from BS Design
    198? Ford Capri 2.8 l from BS Design
    1983 Ford Fiesta II from BS Design
    198? Ford Sierra Rally Group A from Scale Production

    1976 Ford Escort II as Rallye or race car from ESCI
    1987 Ford Escort from Revell/Germany
    Ford Sierra XR 4 from Tamiya
    1975-77 Ford Capri II from amt
    1978 Ford Capri II from Monogram
    1970 Ford Capri I from Douysha
    Ford Capri RS from Doyusha
    Ford Capri DTM from Tamiya
    Ford Escort Cosworth from Tamiya
    Ford Sierra RS 500 from Tamiya
    Ford Focus WRC from Tamiya
    Ford Focus WRC from Hasegawa/Revell Germany
    Ford Focus from Revell/USA
    Ford Transit from ESCI
    Ford Capri from Airfix 1/32 scale

    These are the models that I know.

  • That would be BS Design that Miwi mentioned. Nope, no Cortinas or Taunus'. (Checked before my last post....
    Here's their website:
    Plenty of other cool cars there though. Has anyone built any of their models? How's the quality on these? I used to have a four-door version of that Mercedes Coupe, and also a four-door Rekord version of the Commodore B coupe that they have. I would love to get those...
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  • WOW a cortina kit that would be great...My dad owned two of these and my brother owned one.I think theres a resin company in germany that does Opels and other old european cars,ill see if i can find the info.They might do cortinas
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  • There were also 2 other Taunus models in 1/24 avaiable. One was a crude resin casting of a 1962 Ford Taunus 12M from BS Design. That car was planned for the USA uin the early 60's as a Ford Cardinal. The second one and far better was the 1966 Ford Taunus 15M TS from Replicars Miniature of Maryland. The master was build by Juha Ariio. Unfortunatly both models were discountioned.

  • I don't think that anyone ever made a 1/24-25 model of the Mk IV Cortina, or the Ford Taunus, as the German built model was called. My father-in-law had an 81 Taunus, did a few miles in that.....
    Your best bet will probably be to look for a resin model. Don't know about anyone making one. Skale Kraft of South Africa have a MkI Cortina, waaaay too expensive for me at $150, and that's about the only Cortina I know.
    Oh yes, Airfix did a Mk1 in 1/32 scale, but that's still way off what you wanted....
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