Late 60's Mercury Marquis or early 80' Chevy K-series Fleetside pickup

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Late 60's Mercury Marquis or early 80' Chevy K-series Fleetside pickup

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These are the two main vehicles driven by the characters from the movie Stake Land and I thought it would be fun to make them up.  But I cant find anything like them. 

Thought I might be able to mod a Blazer (if I can get one cheap) for the pickup?  and possibly a caddy like boss hogg's for the mercury?  Here's a couple screen shots.

Any thoughts or advice would be awesome!

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  • CMS you should be able to pull off the pickup from some MPC kits--Fall Guy, Hardcastle & McCormick and I am not sure how many different reissues.  I have no idea about the Merc.  Glooz

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  • Either of those would work it looks like - now if I could just find them for less than $150!!! haha

  • There was no Mercury Marquis of any year made, I wish there was. "MPC" and "Revell" both made models  of '76 to '82 Chevy trucks, both Fleetside and Stepsides, two and four wheel drive.

  • Revell just released a 77 GMC 4x4 Shortbed pickup. Not sure what exactly you are trying to replicate but  it would be close and much cheaper than any of the out of production kits you mentioned.

    Not sure how good your skills are but there might be a Ford Sedan out there that can be modified to a Mercury. Check with Modelroundup as they have some old kits and some resin too.

  • Hi ;

      As recommended by others you could make the Mercury from a  FORD .The 1970 FORD kit would work .No MARQUIS models were ever made .Now , that said  , THE REAR QUARTERS , COWL , ROOF , AND DOORS WERE INTERCHANGEABLE BETWEEN THEM IN THAT YEAR GROUP .The  MERC was less rounded . A judicious use of a file and sand paper would fix that .The dashes were totally different too . I have owned many of the beasts since 1970 so I could help you through it .      MODEL ON !         oldcarguy