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Wick Humble

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About Wick Humble

I'm an off-again/on-again car modeller since the early/mid 'fifties, and am trying to finish up my 'olde collection' before my senses desert me in 'olde age'.  I do buy some new kits; favorites like the '61 Pontiac Ventura and '53 Studebaker Starliner, or kits that I can bash to replicate some of my 'rides' from the day: '51 Ford DeLuxe sports coupe, '55 Chevy 210 DelRay 2-door sedan (mine in '61), '65 Pontiac Tempest Custom 2-door hardtop, '55 Chevy Nomad, and '70-72 Datsun 240Zs.  Also, a resin body of a White 3000 tilt-cab that I'm converting to have a big sleeper like my step-dad's truck, and some kookie racers like a twin Caddie V-12 lakester to look like a period-correct bomb.  Fun!

I like to use automotive paints, as I worked in a PPG store after I retired from teaching; I have a lot of good colors!  I've never showed in a big judged show as we seem to live too far from them; done well in the little ones, however.  I love to 'slice and dice' some of my old kits to save them, as I find Kustoms the best use of scale kits, or I improve them, as in my Strombecker 'Scarab' slot kit from '59, or some glue bomb Classic Chevys and '49-51 Fords.  I originally tried to do it all with parts and 'stuff' that I'd saved or salvaged from that era, but I am coming to realize that some of the new stuff, and resin re-pops are very useful!  I also restore 1:1 cars in my home shop (currently Dad's old '51 Chevy two-door restomodded for my son, and the '56 Ford F-100 with period-correct steel camper shell for my brother, which has been in the clan since about 1970.  I wrote the book "How to Restore Your Datsun Z-Car" back in the '80s, and it is still in print, due for a up-dating revision soon.  I sold my original/restored '70 Z  back to Nissan for their collection, and finished a fairly modded '71 for myself, in retirement, about three years ago.  I can tell you that a 1/25:1 car is almost as much work/frustration, if not expense, as a real car!


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