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About smitherreen

I was raised with 4 other brothers and sisters with a need to find a release when I was a kid. So I found a corner in my basement and called it mine (with my dads approval of course). I spent many of hour down there building cars and enjoying myself while listening to AM CKLW radio, which was the only station in the mid-west to listen to for rock & roll.

Model building went on until I was old enough and found a job. I saved to buy my first car ($750.00). This was a 1966 Valiant station wagon. Once I had that, then came the girls, the drag strips, and then, oh by the way I yanked my slant-6 and dropped in a 340 Cubic Inch under the hood with dual exhaust and posi-traction to my wagon. Gave her some paint and I was ready to race. My car was never beaten and ended up selling it to a guy I had the first race with who had a '70 cuda.

Now, some 45 years later now I find myself in the corner of my basement building mopars kits again, which I have always loved to do. What goes around.....Tom

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