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 Hardcore automotive guy. I started building models before I reached double digits and had my first real, 1970 Nova by the age of 12. My family wasn't interested so I was on my own with my car. I ripped out the straight six and powerglide and picked up a summit catalog. From a news paper ad, I purchased and stripped a 4 bolt main Chevy 350 and dropped it off at the machine shop for an .040 bore on the block and the rest of the works and an .020 under forged steel crank.

    From Summit, I purchased everything else I needed to make a monster out of the engine. I still remember every single spec and part number and how much I paid for them as if it was yesterday. I have pics of a 13 year old boy (me), torquing down mains, sliding in new TRW pn #2166 pistons, torquing down a brand new set of 58cc aluminum Corvette heads. The only thing I wasn't capable of was the machining of the block itself. I did my research, picked my parts correctly, built, installed and tuned the whole engine and drivetrain by my lonesome. Before the engine was dropped into the car, I had it dyno tested at 477 hp, and 515 ft. lbs. of torque. I still have the Dyno sheet here. 

 The transmission I selected and installed was an M-22 Rock Crusher 4 speed. I installed a Centerforce street/strip dual friction, heavy duty clutch. With a B&M Scattershield.

 The rear end selection was a G.M. 12 bolt with a locker posse traction carrier, Strange axles with 1/2" double length studs, and since I had a 4 speed in the car, I installed 3.73:1 rear end gear ratio. 

 Before I even got my driver's license my 1970 Nova was long ready for either the road or the quarter mile. 

 That particular car is LONG gone, unfortunately. There have been a lot of them in between now and then though.

   My current car, and forever car, is my 1988 Mercedes 560 SEC, AMG, Euro, Rentech. With 800+ horsepower and sitting barely 3 inches off the ground, loaded with factory race modifications.. It gets out of it's own way. The car is one of only 3 original Mercedes/AMG road race factory sponsored cars. It used to race for the Mercedes/AMG race team and took home tons of wins. It is currently the only one of its kind still in existence because the other two were destroyed. One during racing in "89 on the track. The other by our own military, in Saddam Hussein's car collection in 1991.. It turns heads even before it gets there because you can hear it coming and it sounds like nothing else you've ever heard on the street.

 All these years later, I recently rediscovered modeling. I miss the old days. Things were going better for me back then, than they are right now.. I have a highly classified, top secret government job, working for a government whom I hate, a president who is a traitor and a communist, and who hates the people he/it represents... Atleast working at the local burger joint and going home at night to play with my car, models, or reptiles gave me a little satisfaction in my life.

 The other thing that rules my life is my reptiles. I breed, sell, keep, and rescue every kind of reptile I can get my hands on. I love them. They are so misunderstood. Especially snakes. I also have my Miniature Dachshund, "Josie Lee".. She is my whole world. She's like my kid and there's nothing in this world I wouldn't give up for her.

 I don't even know what compelled me to get back into modeling. It just happened.. So here I am, diving in head first and hardcore, just like everything else I ever did.

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