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About mikemopar70
Hi! My name is Michel Paquette,i'm from Quebec/Canada. I'm a 38 years old modeler,i build kits since i'm 11 years old. I've stopped during high school(i've had my licences to drive a real car WOW!)But i'm back in buisness since i'm 20 (about 4 years of break!not that bad) But i've never sold or dispose my old kits and now i can enjoy them. My model collection is about 600 models (27 years of buying, collecting ,and above all, building!) I most build american muscle cars,new and nostalgia (60s and 70s most). I like to build my subjects factory stock or mild street machine.(i'm so happy with Revell issues these days!!!). I'm glad to be part of the game now,i have a lot of tips to share and for sure i may need some help too!!! the SAE forums are a must! And by the way,thank you Scale-Auto for keeping the interest in this hobby,there's always something to learn in model building, no matter how is your building experience! I will post some of my work later,see ya
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Hobbies: Muscle-cars (60's-70')
Location: Quebec,Canada


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