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I was born in 1947 and 62 at the time of this writing. I have been building model cars since the early fifties, starting with dealer demo's with my uncle and father, making fender skirts from tape, lowering the cars by bending the metal frames, painting half the headlights silver, and painting flames with fingernail polish on the sides. Geeeeshhhh!!!!! I got on the train in 1958 in Florida when AMT issued its first 3in1 series, then trophy series in 1960. By then I had a shelf full of cars, active in a model car club, and entered model car contests. I wanted to always do a "little bit more" back then and was one of the first, if not the first in Ft. Lauderdale, FL , to detail undercarriages, wire motors, chop tops, section cars, new grilles and taillights, restylling, and painting two tones. When the direction of the hobby started to conflict with my tastes in 1970, I became inactive, built only occasionally very privately, and joined the amateur tennis tour in Florida. Athletic injuries in the eighties led me back to the hobby when I saw the reissued trophy series kits at Ben Franklin 5&10 and an issue of Scale Auto Enthusiast magazine, then attended a contest and met my old nemesis Augie Hiscano who also started building again. He turned me on to some guys in West Palm Beach and a club where I started building again, only this time I was incredibly behind in "state of the art" building. I was always looked at as a pioneer down here, as my cars were only competitive and not the sure winnners I enjoyed in the sixties. I am no longer building for contests, but try to still maintain my own perceived level of creativity and still improve my detail and workmanship. No matter what anyone else says, to me this is the "Golden Age" of model car building. The state of the art for models is at an all time high, availability of models (past and present), increased parts, tools, materials and techniques can help a motivated builder to build a beautiful kit in much less time with greater workmanship levels than ever before. Model car building has always been good to me. Whenever I was ill, hospitalized, infirmed sick or injured, or just bored, I am blessed to have an air conditioned fully stocked workshop to occupy my spare hours of time doing what I enjoy most.
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