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  Hi guys, My real name is Don. I had a couple of pretty famous uncles that raced modified stockers and sportsman class in and around Denver, Colorado, where I grew up, from the early 50's through the late 70's. Fritz and Don XXXXXX. My one uncle, Fritz, raced in the first Daytona 500 in 1959. I was only 7 at the time and my folks didn't think they'd be able to control me and my 8 yr old brother at the track, so we didn't get to go. That was around the time I got my first model though. I think it might have been one of the original Hawk kits from the day. I'm not sure what it was, but I'm sure I tore it up before I built it.

  I worked as a carpenter in Colorado, Arizona, and northern California as a younger man. Joined the military in the fall of '79 and spent 6 years in the Marine corp. 3 active, 3 active reserve. Missed the wars and I'm thankful for that. Went back into carpentry and lived in the Mojave desert in Southern Ca, and Ariz after my service. I spent nearly 20 years wandering around the desert near 29 palms in southern California, looking for gemstones, gold, girls and God, and I couldn't really tell you in which order. I do know I didn't build many models. I thought I was too busy, and too mature, and was supposed to leave childish things behind me.

I had a daughter, had a heart attack, and had a epiphany, all in that order. I guess I'd been going a little too fast, so I decided to cool my jets, and my surroundings, and moved first back to Denver, and then on to Saint Louis, Mo about a week before 9/11/01. Saint Louis was going through a renaissance at that time, and there was lots of work, lots of money, and I jumped right in and had a decent go at restoring and remodeling some of the great housing stock in the area. I wouldn't trade any of what I've enjoyed doing for anything in the world.

I also managed to find the internet, ebay, and scale auto, and a few other modeling boards over the years, and although my health prevents me from climbing around basements and attics and tearing things apart and nailing them back together again, I do enjoy building the model kits that I used to tear apart as a kid. Funny that. I've built a couple sportsman class racers. I seem to really enjoy the challenge of building light commercial trucks, 4X4's, campers, stuff like that. Things that look like they've got a few miles on them. Lately, I've been on a foreign sports car kick, and I'm having lots of fun with that too.

I've probably built, and started close to 50 kits in the last 12 years. I have another 50 kits that are either keepers or builders or just wanna builders. I don't know how many more I'll get to, and I don't really have any delusions of being the model master of the century, but I do really enjoy being able to see and share with the guys here where they're at with their modeling fun. I'm continuously amazed at some of the great models that get built, and it's a real pleasure to be even just a tiny part of it. 


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