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About Ddms

I started with 1/43 models, then I got tired of losing tiny parts and moved to the bigger stuff. I like race cars, especially 1937 - 1975, especially European prototypes, and even more especially the orphans: Bugattis, Delages, Delahayes and Talbot-Lagos. I also like to model sports racers from the '50s and '60s, especially Jags, Ferraris and even the oddballs like HRGs, Gordinis and DB Panhards. "Specials" from that period are interesting too. Many of my favorites have been kitted only in 1/43, so I'm still building that scale as well as in 1/24 and 1/20.

Like a lot of modelers my age, I have more kits than will ever get built - by me, anyhow.

I like to model cars I don't see every day - better yet, cars that I've never seen! As Southern California hot-rod kid, I've had my fill of deuce roadsters and lead sleds. I still admire the craftsmanship of those cars - I always go to the National Roadster Show - but I'm not interested in modeling them. I'm fanatical about fidelity to the prototype and clean construction, but my cars don't always live up to my standards.

I'm a huge Formula One fan and haven't missed a race for the last four years. I don't care for the cars much; they are purely functional beasts; the people who build them don't give a rat's buttock how they look, so long as they're brightly colored. In other words, there's no styling to them. But I love the racing, the technologies and the drivers.

I like to write and am very thorough by nature, so my posts tend to be long-winded. Sorry about that. As a writer by trade and an academic by nature, I'm also very picky about spelling and grammar. Not sorry about that; errors are distracting and writing is easier to understand if everybody uses the same system. My sig is pronounced "DID-ee-muss" and is Greek for Thomas.

I'm on the geezer side of 60, and I live near Los Angeles.


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