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About Daddio

 My return to modeling occurred about twenty years ago . The remake of the movie "Memphis Belle" just came out and my seven year old son just went crazy over it . Everything was "Memphis Belle" this and "Memphis Belle" that , which brought me back to my youth . Everybody built models in my neighborhood growing up , usually ships and airplanes . But the closer you got to driving age everything became CARS,CARS,CARS .

 Well Christmas was coming and I thought a model of a B-17 hanging over his bed would be cool , so off to the local hobby shop . (remember when there was a local hobby shop?) . There in the front window was a kit of the "Belle" in 1/72 scale , awesome , just as I remember as a kid . So an out of box build followed with a little detailing with Testors square bottle enamel paints . Well a single B-17 looked kind of lonely so three more followed , each one more detailed than the last . Then the bug bit and a flight of Me-109,s In one corner was followed by a flight of F/W 190;s in the other . Then came a flight of Mustangs to the rescue, drop tanks dangling . When completed there were 16 aircraft in the aerial diorama . Airbrushes , putty and the like have followed as I have moved back to building model cars .

  Personally I work  For Massachusetts Water Resources Authority as an area supervisor where I run the water supply for the city of Boston and 26 communities in the metro-Boston area , supplying 2.5million people daily . Both of my children have recently graduated college so my days of traveling all over New England racing go karts has come to an end , just when the old man was getting the hang of it . I now do a little fishing , salt and fresh water and build a lot of models . I've been the local Cub master , basketball coach , boys and girls , little league coach and all stars coach . I helped out with girls soccer also although I never played as a kid . My sports as a kid were a little football a lot of baseball and a ton of hockey as I grew up on ice skates and was a local hot shot . That's my story , Stephen C. Delorey  aka Daddio (my racing name) Take care and see you around the clubhouse.

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